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Caching, Flash, Disk and Storage's Future

The relative importance of the technologies driving storage is shifting quickly.
Tags : Flash, caching, enterprise storage, POSIX, disk

Data Storage: REST vs. POSIX for Archives and HSM

REST can’t manage data the way POSIX can, but will likely evolve and become the new data interface standard of the cloud era.
Tags : data storage, REST, POSIX, HSM

File System Interface Future: Cloud Computing's Impact

Cloud storage cannot replace POSIX file systems fully, so various technologies will need to co-exist.
Tags : cloud computing, file systems, REST, POSIX, Storage

I/O Bottlenecks: Biggest Threat to Data Storage

New technologies like phase change memory could make storage networks irrelevant unless the industry bands together to address I/O bottlenecks.
Tags : data storage, storage networking, Solid-State Drives, phase change memory PCM, POSIX

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