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Data Storage's Changing Status Quo

From which technologies are favored to which vendors are leading the way, the data storage market is changing dramatically.
Tags : RAID, Servers & Services, data strategy, CPU, disk drive, data storage

PMC Unveils Series 8 12Gbit/s RAID Adapters

The latest version leverages faster SAS RAID-on-Chip (RoC) controllers and maxCache Plus tiering technology.
Tags : enterprise storage, networking, tiering, RAID, PMC

Storage TCO

The upfront purchase price is just a fraction of the total costs associated with storage arrays.
Tags : Storage, HDD, array, total cost of ownership, TCO, RAID, SSD

Storage Appliances Are the Future

IT storage administrators will need to understand data storage appliances if they want to remain employed.
Tags : big data, GPFS, Hadoop, SSD, RAID, Lustre, Storage Appliances

Hybrid Disk Drives, Caching SSDs and What They Mean to You

The idea of adding cache to storage is coming back into vogue again.
Tags : Storage, cache, Flash, SSD, hybrid, appliance, disk drives, RAID

Economic Realities of Archive Storage

In most cases, archive storage costs more than users expect it should.
Tags : Storage, archive, RAID

Making RAID Work into the Future

RAID can't keep up with ever-increasing drive size, but solutions like Dynamic Disk Pools offer a potential solution.
Tags : enterprise storage, NetApp, RAID

Addonics RAID Tower XIII Packs in the Drives

Looking to add capacity but not complexity? Addonics' RAID Tower XIII20 can deliver up to 20 3.5" drive bays presented as four individual storage devices over  an eSATA or USB 3.0 interface, for a price that helps make it well suited for many departmental or remote office environments.
Tags : RAID, SATA, Addonics, USB storage

The Year in Storage: Looking Ahead, Looking Back

Henry Newman revisits his 2011 predictions for the storage industry and prognosticates about 2012 and beyond.
Tags : cloud security, SSD, Storage, IOPS, security, RAID

File System Wrap Up: We Were Not Successful

The vendors would not deliver the promised hardware for  our real-world testing. We ponder why and issue a challenge.
Tags : Linux, RAID, fsck, xfs, Storage, file system

Data Watch Looks to Secure External Storage

Taiwan firm pairs portable hard-drive enclosures with RAID external storage systems to help secure the mobile workforce.
Tags : data storage, RAID, security, storage hardware, DAS

Who Will Lead Us Out of Storage Limbo?

Thanks to many years of government investment, most of the major storage developments have occurred in the United States. With few ground-breaking changes on the horizon, will the United States hold the lead or will another nation take the reins?
Tags : RAID, standards, Storage, file system, government, storage technologies

SnapServer Claims New Storage Appliance Needs No Provisioning

Overland Storage  unveils SnapServer DX, a new unified NAS and iSCSI SAN device that leverages RAID technology to eliminate the need to provision storage capacity.
Tags : SAN, NAS, RAID, Overland Snap Server, Overland Storage, Unified Storage, iSCSI

LSI Storage Buyer's Guide

If you have servers or storage devices, chances are you have at least a component or two from LSI Corp's arsenal of RAID and HBAs, controllers, SAS switches, PCIe-based solid state storage adapters and various software options, which are all sold through major server and storage OEMs as well as through the reseller channel.
Tags : RAID, SAS, HBA, LSI, RAID Controller, PCIe

Test Plan for Linux File System Fsck Testing

Our examination of the ever-growing Linux file system scaling problem continues. In part 2 of our State of File Systems Technology series, Jeff Layton describes the approach and specs to be used in running  the fsck wall clock time  benchmark/test.
Tags : file system, RAID, Dell, fsck, testing, xfs

The State of File Systems Technology, Problem Statement

Wondering why your ext 3/4 maxes out at five disk drives and what you can do about? Henry Newman and Jeff Layton are going under the hood in this four-part series to determine what is at the heart of the ever-growing file system scaling problem. This installment explains the problem and what their testing and evaluation process will be.
Tags : Storage, file system, RAID, xfs, big data

LSI adds 6Gbps SAS/SATA cards

LSI is shipping to the channel its second-generation 6Gbps SAS/SATA MegaRAID controllers.
Tags : RAID Controller, RAID

PMC Launches 6Gbps SAS Controllers

PMC-Sierra claims up to 2GBps sustained data transfer rate.
Tags : RAID, PMC, SAS, PMC-Sierra

Promise Ships RAID Arrays Based on Jasper Forest

Intel’s latest processors are powering a new set of RAID systems from Promise Technology.
Tags : Jasper Forest, Promise Technology, RAID, Intel

Vendors Refresh Midrange RAID Arrays

Data Robotics, Dot Hill and MicroNet Technology have each refreshed their mid-range RAID storage products for small and medium-size businesses (SMB).
Tags : RAID array, Data Robotics, Dot Hill, MicroNet Technology, RAID

Tuning Your RAID Controller for Maximum Storage Performance

Whether you have a controller card on your PC or a high-end mission-critical enterprise array, you can configure RAID to make the most of your storage performance if you know a few things about your data and file system.
Tags : RAID Controller, Storage Performance, RAID

Sans Digital Announces USB 3.0 RAID Storage Systems

For computers not equipped with USB 3.0 the unit is backward compatible with USB 2.0.
Tags : RAID storage, RAID, storage system

RAID Vendors Ship Arrays with SSDs, Self-Encrypting Drives

There has been some new activity in the RAID arena with companies like Infortrend and Arena-MaxTronic adding to their respective product families, according to a recent report from sister site
Tags : encryption, SSD RAID Array, RAID storage, SSD, RAID

Using RAID to Power Self-Healing Arrays

This article highlights different approaches to using RAID technology in self-healing storage systems.
Tags : RAID

How Intelligent is Your Storage System?

Storage systems with advances software functionality can negate potential performance impact.
Tags : RAID, thin provisioning, storage system

Is Your Data Safe With RAID 5?

With reports of failed rebuilds and lost data, RAID 5 may be a painful failure.
Tags : RAID storage, RAID

Violin Ships RAID Array Based on SSD

Pricing for the 3200 Memory Array is on par with traditional hard disk drive arrays.
Tags : SSD, SSD RAID Array, Solid State Storage, RAID

Data Robotics Offers Storage Networking for Apple Time Machine

The company has announced the seamless integration of Drobo FS and Apple Time Machine.
Tags : storage networking, Applt Time Machine, Drobo FS, file sharing, RAID

Can Declustering Save RAID Storage Technology?

Panasas and IBM are just two of the storage vendors turning to an old idea to improve RAID rebuild times.
Tags : IBM, RAID, data protection, Panasas, RAID storage

SSDs and Enterprise Throughput

Enterprise-class SSDs are just in time to accommodate high throughput brought on by virtualization and the cloud.
Tags : solid state disk, storage network, SSD, throughput, RAID

PMC-Sierra to Acquire Adaptec Channel Storage Business

PMC-Sierra will acquire Adaptec's channel storage business, includes the RAID storage product line.
Tags : Adaptec, enterprise storage, RAID

Does Drobo Make RAID Data Storage Easier?

Company CEO, Tom Buiocchi, says that 120,000 units are with customers now.
Tags : RAID storage, RAID, data storage, Drobo, storage system

Synology's DS410 NAS Server for SMBs

The new DS410 DiskStation is built on Synology's DiskStation Manager firmware and offers automatic backup to the cloud.
Tags : storage server, Diskstation, NAS, RAID

Implementing Storage Area Network Services

Despite the potential expense the need for SAN services is growing – rapidly.
Tags : RAID, Storage area network, SAN, storage network, storage networking

Sans Digital Introduces New Storage Networking Solution

The company's dual channel iSCSI data storage solutions is available in in 1U and 2U rackmount formats.
Tags : EtherNet, RAID, iSCSI, storage virtualization, storage networking

Synology Releases New Version of Data Storage Management Solution

New storage management features include cloud backup, encryption, and easy volume manager.
Tags : backup, RAID, encryption, firmware, storage management

Intel to Release Data Storage Processor

Intel plans to launch its embedded data storage chip in the very near future.
Tags : Intel, embedded chip, data storage, RAID, PCIe

Data Robotics Offers Risk Free Data Storage

Promising the best data storage experience ever, Data Robotics has announced its new risk-free 'Buy and Try' program.
Tags : RAID, data, data storage, BeyondRAID

Top Storage Stories of 2009: RAID, Clouds, SSDs and Mergers

2009 was all about dramatic change and mergers for the data storage industry.
Tags : EMC Cisco VMware alliance, mergers and acquisitions, RAID, Sun Oracle merger, Solid-State Drives

RAID Storage Levels Explained

The author explains common RAID levels — and makes a case for why you should consider RAID 10.
Tags : RAID levels, RAID controllers, data recovery, RAID, data protection

AMD Does RAID On a Chip

AMD is using Dot Hill's software RAID technology to save server users the cost of hardware RAID adapters.
Tags : AMD, software RAID, Dot Hill, RAID, data protection

The Future of RAID Storage Technology

RAID is laboring to keep up with explosive data growth, but experts see ways to make the technology go further.
Tags : RAID levels, data protection, data storage, RAID controllers, RAID

Why Cloud Storage Use Could Be Limited in Enterprises

Bandwidth and data integrity issues could limit enterprise use of external storage clouds.
Tags : RAID, bandwidth, Cloud Storage, data integrity, EMC

RAID's Days May Be Numbered

The long-running data storage technology could be headed for trouble. We look at the problem — and potential solutions.
Tags : file systems, OSD, data loss, data storage, RAID