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SAN Management Buyer's Guide

Despite rapid change in the data center, the Storage Area Network (SAN) remains a critical element of the storage infrastructure.
Tags : SAN, Storage area network, storage management

Tulips, Dot-coms and SANs: Why the SSD Buyout Craze Won't End Well

Enormous excitement over flash storage is driving a flurry of SSD acquisitions. Dot-com mania, anyone?
Tags : Flash, SSD, data storage, SAN

Top Ten Tips for Implementing a Virtual SAN

When implementing a virtual SAN, avoid “rip and replace," and watch out for extra overhead.
Tags : virtualization, SAN, data storage, Storage Area Networking

Virtual SAN Buying Guide

An overview of the options in virtual storage area networks from VMware, DataCore, HP, Sanbolic, and NetApp.
Tags : virtual storage, SAN, data storage

Virtualizing Hadoop Impacts Big Data Storage

Taneja Group believes many enterprises may soon deploy Hadoop in virtualized environments.
Tags : virtualization, VMware, Hadoop, Storage, big data, SAN

External Disk Storage Revenues Drop in Q1: IDC

The storage industry hits a speed bump, its first since 2009.
Tags : SAN, Flash, external drives, NAS, enterprise storage

The 'Dumbing Down' of Data Storage

As appliances take over storage, enterprises don't need as many highly skilled storage administrators.
Tags : NAS, Storage, SAN, filesystem, appliances, administrator

The Rise and Fall of SAN Storage

What are the factors that are causing SAN storage to fall from dominance, and what does the rise of appliances mean for the storage industry?
Tags : storage management, Storage Administrator, appliance, NAS, Storage, SAN

Bringing Clarity to Cloud Storage

TeamQuest claims its solution helps monitor the performance and capacity of both SAN storage and related infrastructure.
Tags : SAN, Storage, cloud computing

IBM Storage Buying Guide

IBM's venerable storage portfolio includes tape, disk, SAN and NAS. Even more important than the hardware, however, is the intelligence Big Blue offers to easily and efficiently manage  enterprises' ever increasing storage needs.
Tags : SAN, disk, NAS, tape, IBM, Buying Guide

Infortrend Storage Buying Guide

What Infortrend lacks in name recognition it makes up for in product selection. Its ESVA and EonStor product families aim to meet the SAN and NAS needs of the midrange and SMB markets.
Tags : Buying Guide, NAS, SAN, Infortrend

Cisco Storage Buying Guide

These days, Cisco is about more than just networking. Its Unified Fabric strategy makes it possible to mix and match  from the MDS and Nexus product families, harnessing the same command lines and GUI operations to perform SAN functions.
Tags : SAN, Nexus, Cisco, unified fabric, storage switch, Switches

SnapServer Claims New Storage Appliance Needs No Provisioning

Overland Storage  unveils SnapServer DX, a new unified NAS and iSCSI SAN device that leverages RAID technology to eliminate the need to provision storage capacity.
Tags : NAS, Overland Snap Server, RAID, Unified Storage, Overland Storage, iSCSI, SAN

Virtual Storage Startup Channels 'Consolidation 2.0'

Fresh out of stealth mode, Nutanix is on a mission to help enterprises tear down the wall between storage and computing in their virtual data centers and in the process reduce costs and complexity.
Tags : SAN, virtualization, virtual storage, data center virtualization, NAS

FCoE Struggles to Gain Traction

On the surface, Fibre Channel over Ethernet seems a slam dunk. Reality, however, says otherwise. What will it take for the less-expensive and easy-to-use technology to win over CTOs?
Tags : SAN, Fibre Channel over Ethernet, FCoE Storage, FCoE

Dataram Delivers HA Version of SAN Accelerators

Dataram this week began shipping high availability (HA) versions of its XcelaSAN accelerators for Fibre Channel SANs.
Tags : SAN, Fibre Channel SAN

EMC Intros 41 Products, Unifies Clariion and Celerra

EMC announced 41 new products, and claimed records in storage performance in a wide variety of categories.
Tags : SAN, Unified Storage, NAS

EMC Intros 41 Products, Unifies Clariion and Centera

EMC announced 41 new products, and claimed records in storage performance in a wide variety of categories.
Tags : Unified Storage, SAN, NAS

Compellent Extends Storage Center SAN Architecture

New software features and hardware upgrades create a grid of Compellent SAN arrays managed as a single system.
Tags : Compellent, storage virtualization, SAN, Storage Center, LiveVolume

Connectivity is Key in Overland's New SAN Array

The SnapSAN S1000 array supports multi-protocol connectivity and energy efficient drive technologies.
Tags : !0GbE, Overland Storage, 8Gbps FC, SnapSAN, SAN

Huawei Symantec Enters U.S. Storage Hardware Market

The three-year-old joint venture between Huawei and Symantec is bringing its products to North America with a line of storage and networking hardware products for SMBs.
Tags : SAN, Symantec, Oceanspace, Huawei Symantec, NAS

Brocade Combines IP, SAN Network Management

The new Brocade Network Advisor unifies the management of "all things Brocade."
Tags : storage networking, SAN, EtherNet, FCoE, Brocade

SAN and NAS Virtualization Primer

A guide to understanding storage virtualization.
Tags : NAS, SAN, storage virtualization

Coraid Doubles Density of Ethernet SANs

Company claims better performance than Fibre Channel at 20 percent the cost.
Tags : Coraid, AoE, ATA-over-Ethernet, NetApp, SAN

FCoE: The iSCSI Replacement?

iSCSI made SAN storage practical but now fiber channel vendors take a look at FCoE.
Tags : FCoE Storage, iSCSI, FCoE, Fiber channel, SAN

Safeguard Virtualization With SAN Uptime

Virtual environments place a heavy load on centralized storage infrastructures and it all points back to your SAN infrastructure.
Tags : Virtualized Networks, SAN, virtualization, SAN monitoring

Eurostor Offers Blade Storage Networking

EUROstor will offer storage networking solutions with BLADE's top-of-rack solution.
Tags : SAN, storage networking

Server Virtualization and Storage Networking Options

One company details its transition to SAN from direct attached storage for its Microsoft Hyper-V server virtualization project.
Tags : storage networking, SAN, server virtualization

Solid State Drives (SSDs) for Enterprise Storage Networking

Vendors have been quick to offer cache solutions for direct attached storage (DAS), network attached storage (NAS) and storage area networks (SAN).
Tags : Solid-State Drives, SSD, NAS, DAS, SAN

SAN Technology Offers Affordable, Efficient Data Storage

The cost of SAN arrays, like the Drobo Elite, make storage area networks affordable for all but the smallest of IT shops.
Tags : data storage, thin provisioning, SAN

Financial Giant Invests in Deduplication Appliance

Based in London, but with global operations, the data center of SunGard Financial Services uses EMC Clariion and Celerra arrays in its SAN.
Tags : SAN, deduplication, backup

Brocade, HP Debut 8Gbps SAN Starters

The partnership has resulted in a new set of Brocade-HP SAN and server connectivity products.
Tags : Brocade, SAN, HP

NetApp Leapfrogs the Storage Networking Competition

In a single quarter, NetApp leapt past Dell and HP and nearly caught IBM, according to IDC, while EMC remains all alone at the top.
Tags : SAN, NAS, NetApp, market share, EMC

Storage Networking Architectures for Imaging

GIS systems have relied almost exclusively on SAN and NAS, but those systems are hitting performance limitations.
Tags : GIS, NAS, storage networking, SAN, imaging

HD Provides Software Support for Virtualized Environments

Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer reduces the mean time to diagnose IT infrastructure outages.
Tags : performance, SAN, Optimizer, LAN, storage device

Coraid Combines ZFS With Ethernet SAN Technology

The company has announced its new EtherDrive Z-Series NAS appliances.
Tags : NAS, SAN, EtherNet, ZFS

Storage Networking: Upgrading to 8 Gbps Fiber Channel

The transition to 8 Gbps Fiber Channel hardware in storage-area networks (SANs) is well underway.
Tags : fibre channel, storage networking, SAN

SolarWinds Offers Free Storage Monitoring Tool

SAN Monitor is a free tool designed to identifying performance bottlenecks with disk I/O and latency.
Tags : SAN, storage management, SAN Monitor, storage tool

D-Link Announces New Storage Networking Solutions

The company has announced a series of high-capacity, energy-efficient iSCSI storage area network (SAN) arrays.
Tags : iSCSI, Storage, SAN, storage networking

Compellent Offers Open-Source ZFS-based NAS

The company's zNAS file server is integrated into Compellent's Storage Center SAN array.
Tags : NAS, zNAS, ZFS, SAN, open-source

Pillar Adds Storage Networking Support to AxiomONE

Pillar Data Systems has added native asynchronous replication for both SAN and NAS data on the same Axiom platform.
Tags : SAN, storage networking, data storage, array, NAS

Should Storage Services Reside in Arrays or Application Stacks?

With Oracle's acquisition of Sun this becomes a much more interesting question for storage practitioners. We surveyed seventeen IT professionals to get their thinking and in this research note present an economic model to compare the alternative approaches.
Tags : data storage, DAS, storage networking, SAN, data protection

ATTO Qualifies its MAC OS X SAN iSCSI Initiator

ATTO Xtend SAN allows Mac users to attach and load balance storage.
Tags : iSCSI, SAN, storage networking

OCZ Announces 2-TB Z-Drive SSD

OCZ Technology Group announced it will begin mass producing its PCI-Express (PCIe) Z-Drive R2 Solid State Drive (SSD) series.
Tags : storage system, SSD, SAN, solid state drive

Infinera Metro Edge Receives Brocade Certification

Infinera ATN is a metro-optimized CWDM and DWDM platform.
Tags : metro edge, SAN, Brocade, fibre channel, Switches

Implementing Storage Area Network Services

Despite the potential expense the need for SAN services is growing – rapidly.
Tags : RAID, SAN, storage network, storage networking, Storage area network

Eucalyptus Connects Private Cloud and Data Storage

Customers can now connect a Eucalyptus cloud directly to a high-performance Storage Area Network.
Tags : data, SAN

D-Link xStack SAN Products Now VMware Ready

D-Link passes VMware-specified testing to ensure xStack SAN Storage products make best use of VMware technology.
Tags : VMware, xStack, SAN, D-Link, Storage

StarWind Software Claims 'Zero to SAN in 30 minutes'

Does the company's offering really live up to the marketing hype?
Tags : storage management, Storage, software, SAN

HP Upgrades SAN Storage, OEMs QLogic Fibre Channel Switches

HP unveils new offerings for iSCSI and Fibre Channel storage networking environments.
Tags : data storage, storage switches, SAN, HP, storage networking

New iSCSI SAN Product Simplifies Storage Management

Overland Storage has announced its first iSCSI storage area network (SAN) appliance.
Tags : SAN, storage management, NAS, provisioning

Doubling Storage Network Performance With Defrag

Users report that SAN performance can double after defragging.
Tags : defragmentation, defrag, performance, storage networking, SAN

Does Fragmentation Hurt Storage Network Performance?

SAN vendors say fragmentation isn't a problem with their systems, but a few point fingers at Windows.
Tags : storage networking, file systems, SAN, Windows, fragmentation

IBM Turns to LSI for Midrange Storage

Big Blue once again taps LSI for its midrange SANs. Can a NAS deal be far behind?
Tags : LSI, SAN, NAS, IBM, NetApp

Server Virtualization Breathes New Life Into DAS

Server virtualization is creating a new market for an old storage technology, as HP's latest products show.
Tags : virtualization, DAS, server management, HP, SAN