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The SAS vs. SATA debate is often framed as the “price favorite” vs. the “enterprise favorite.” Here’s an in in-depth look at the issue.
Tags : data storage, enterprise storage, SAS, SATA, Sata drives

Data Storage: Reviewing 2013, Forecasting 2014

A noted data storage pundit fearlessly predicts the future for flash, SAS, SATA, NAS and many other key data storage technologies.
Tags : Flash, data storage, enterprise storage, SAS, SATA, PCI

A Tale of Two Disks: STEC s620 vs. Seagate Constellation ES.3

How do an SSD and a SATA drive fare in head-to-head competition?
Tags : SSD, Enterprise, Seagate, STEC, SATA, Storage, Drive

Forklift vs. Incremental Upgrade -- Weighing All the Factors

As the recessions drags its way to a close, many enterprises have upgrade needs and budget to spend in an environment that has seen little innovation. Deciding whether to go with a forklift or incremental upgrade is not a choice to be made lightly.
Tags : upgrade, SAS, SATA, purchase, upgrade cycle

Addonics RAID Tower XIII Packs in the Drives

Looking to add capacity but not complexity? Addonics' RAID Tower XIII20 can deliver up to 20 3.5" drive bays presented as four individual storage devices over  an eSATA or USB 3.0 interface, for a price that helps make it well suited for many departmental or remote office environments.
Tags : RAID, SATA, Addonics, USB storage

Nexsan Storage Buying Guide

Looking for a SAS or SATA disk array? Nexsan's product line may lack the hype of the major players' but its high value proposition and low price point make it a worthy contender.
Tags : Buying Guide, SAS, SATA, Nexsan, disk array

Capacity-Optimized Nearline SAS Drives Challenge SATA

Already well established in high-performance drive markets, SAS is now penetrating secondary storage tiers with capacity-optimized drives and challenging SATA’s dominance in the data center.
Tags : SAS, SATA, HDD, hard disk drive, Secondary Storage

Viking Announces SATADIMM Solid State Drive

SATADIMM is an Enterprise Class SATA II Solid State Drive (SSD).
Tags : SSD, Solid-State Drives, SATA, Solid State Storage

Mosaid Announces SSD Prototype with HyperLink NAND

The HLNAND SSD prototype is optimized for mass storage applications.
Tags : SSD, SATA, SSDs, solid state disk

Nimble iSCSI Array Merges Primary, Secondary Storage

Nimble Storage today launched an iSCSI storage array that offers a new converged approach to primary and secondary storage for midsize companies.
Tags : Flash, iSCSI, SATA, SSDs

WD's Fastest VelociRaptor Drive

The new WD VelociRaptor is still the only 10,000 rpm SATA hard disk drive on the market.
Tags : hard drive, SATA, WD, Raptor

Abtech Storage Management for IBM XIV Line

The company's off-the-shelf technology helps to reduce storage costs and simply storage management.
Tags : architecture, software, hardware, storage management, SATA

Coraid Delivers EtherDrive Storage Arrays, HBAs

The company announced availability for its new line of EtherDrive SRX-Series storage arrays and new host bus adapters that enable high-speed Ethernet SAN access.
Tags : SSD, SAS, SATA, storage array

NetApp Says Data Storage Future is SATA and Cache Cards

In NetApp's view, there will be no tiering of storage in the future.
Tags : data storage, storage management, SATA, tiering, cache cards

EMC Doubles Clariion, Celerra Density with 2TB SATA Drives

EMC and rival Pillar Data Systems announce support for 2TB SATA drives in their data storage arrays.
Tags : EMC, tiered storage, SATA, Celerra, Clariion

Brother, Can You Spare a Petabyte?

Even in tough times, there's more to data storage purchasing decisions than saving money.
Tags : data storage, deduplication, SAS, SATA, cost management

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