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Ten Leading Vendors in Flash Storage

Flash storage has come a long way and is now replacing 15k RPM drives. Who are the big flash storage vendors?
Tags : Flash, SSD, Flash Array, SSD Performance

Elite Eight Flash Data Storage Tips

Just as the NCAA basketball tournament whittles down to the elite eight, we offer eight elite tips for flash storage.
Tags : Flash, data storage, SSD

9 Tips for Getting the Most out of Flash Data Storage

Contrary to vendor hype, flash isn't the answer to all data storage problems. Yet it does make a huge difference in those situations where it's appropriate.
Tags : Flash, data storage, SSD

SSD vs. HDD: Performance and Reliability

When comparing SSD vs. HDD, the performance winner is clear cut but reliability is a more complex issue.
Tags : data storage, SSD, solid state drive, HDD, hard disk drive

Ten Leading Vendors in Flash Storage

Flash storage has come a long way and is now replacing 15k RPM drives. Who are the big flash storage vendors?
Tags : Flash, SSD, Flash Array, SSD Performance

Buying Guide: Flash Arrays

Whatever a flash array vendor says, there’s no substitute for testing in your own environment and under your own specific workloads.
Tags : Flash, SSD, enterprise storage, solid state drive, Flash Array

SSD vs. HDD Pricing: Seven Myths That Need Correcting

Despite what some experts predict, enterprise SSDs are likely to be more expensive than HDDs for some time.
Tags : SSD, solid state drive, HDD, Hard Disk Drives, Storage

Tulips, Dot-coms and SANs: Why the SSD Buyout Craze Won't End Well

Enormous excitement over flash storage is driving a flurry of SSD acquisitions. Dot-com mania, anyone?
Tags : Flash, data storage, SSD, SAN

Violin Memory to Ease Flash Storage Migration with Maestro

New self-learning software and hardware combo from the company helps businesses take non-disruptive baby steps toward flash-accelerated applications and IT workloads.
Tags : Flash, data storage, SSD, Violin Memory, storage migration

Flash Storage Buying Guide

These companies offer Flash and hybrid storage solutions for a variety of uses.
Tags : Flash, SSD, hybrid, array, Storage, software-defined storage, disk drive

IO Patterns—What you don't know can hurt you

Understanding the IO patterns of your applications is good for end users and good for vendors.
Tags : SSD, disk drives, application, IOPS, Storage

Six Hybrid Storage Tips

Most users can benefit from a mix of HDDs and flash.
Tags : Flash, SSD, Enterprise, HDD, hybrid storage, hard disk drive

EMC Acquires Flash-Savvy Storage Startup ScaleIO

Weeks after details of the buy emerged, EMC finally cops to snapping up the server-side storage software company.
Tags : Flash, data storage, EMC, SSD

Storage TCO

The upfront purchase price is just a fraction of the total costs associated with storage arrays.
Tags : SSD, RAID, TCO, total cost of ownership, array, HDD, Storage

Media and Entertainment Storage Buying Guide

These four storage systems give media and entertainment companies the performance, features and capacity they need.
Tags : EMC, SSD, HP, NetApp, tape, array, Storage, Spectra Logic, disk drive

Storage Appliances Are the Future

IT storage administrators will need to understand data storage appliances if they want to remain employed.
Tags : Hadoop, SSD, RAID, Lustre, Storage Appliances, big data, GPFS

SSDs, Flash and Why Disks Will Not Go Away

Despite what flash vendors say, SSDs are not going to replace hard disks completely anytime soon.
Tags : Flash, SSD, hard drive, hard disk, NAND Flash, Storage

Hybrid Disk Drives, Caching SSDs and What They Mean to You

The idea of adding cache to storage is coming back into vogue again.
Tags : Flash, cache, SSD, disk drives, RAID, hybrid, appliance, Storage

Kaminario Launches 4th-Gen K2 All-Flash Arrays

Company hopes to lure enterprises with faster, cheaper and cloudier SSD arrays that don't leave apps hanging during an outage.
Tags : Flash, data storage, SSD

Ten Tips for Storing Social Data

Social data is different from other types of data, so it has unique storage management needs.
Tags : SSD, deduplication, Cloud Storage, tiering, Storage, social data

Nimbus Data Floats HALO 2013 Software for SSD Arrays

The all-flash data storage vendor upgrades its software platform with support for a new REST-based API and apps that brings systems management capabilities to the iPhone and Android devices.
Tags : Flash, SSD, Solid State Storage, Storage

Six Hot Storage Startups

These young companies are offering products related big data, the cloud, virtualization and SSDs.
Tags : Flash, cloud computing, virtualization, SSD, startups, big data, Storage

Big Data Storage Buying Guide

Analysts advise managers to think strategically and consider their security needs when it comes to big data storage.
Tags : Flash, Hadoop, SSD, tiering, big data, Storage

EMC Takes Enterprise Flash Storage to the Xtrem

Data storage giant unveils new PCIe flash server cards and offers a peek at its all-SSD roadmap.
Tags : Flash, SSD, PCIe, Storage

A Tale of Two Disks: STEC s620 vs. Seagate Constellation ES.3

How do an SSD and a SATA drive fare in head-to-head competition?
Tags : SSD, Enterprise, Seagate, STEC, SATA, Storage, Drive

Toshiba Eyes the Enterprise with Secure SSDs

Storage provider unveils secure, crypto-friendly storage for data centers.
Tags : security, SSD, Storage

Mainstreaming High IO Performance with Flash Cache

Enterprise storage solutions with flash cache can offer faster performance and lower latency at a reasonable price.
Tags : Flash, cache, SSD, enterprise storage, tiering, IOS

Intel Unveils DC S3700 Data Center SSDs

The chipmaker continues to make enterprise storage inroads with its new line of DC S3700 SSDs.
Tags : Intel, SSD, Storage

Emulex Unveils PCIe 3.0-Compliant 16GFC HBAs

Capable of 1.2 million IOPS and sporting PCIe 3.0 support, Emulex readies SANs for ever-faster server chips and SSDs with its new HBAs.
Tags : SSD, Emulex, PCIe, HBA, Storage

SSD IOPS Arms Race: Does It Matter?

SSD performance potential can be tough to achieve. As the claims get increasingly higher, do they make sense or even matter anymore?
Tags : performance, SSD, IOPS, benchmark, Storage Performance, SSD Performance

Sepaton Storage Buying Guide

Is Sepaton's product line of disk-only offerings with their focus on data footprint reduction strong enough to bring an end to tape's hold?
Tags : SSD, hard disk, Buying Guide, Sepaton, storage hardware, disk, HDD

The Year in Storage: Looking Ahead, Looking Back

Henry Newman revisits his 2011 predictions for the storage industry and prognosticates about 2012 and beyond.
Tags : security, cloud security, SSD, RAID, IOPS, Storage

Nimble Brings Out a New Hybrid Storage Appliance

The hybrid storage appliance maker expands its family -- adds a VMware plug-in.
Tags : appliances, SSD, array, Storage, Nimble Storage

8 Hot Storage Startups to Watch

These eight storage companies are pushing cloud, SSD, big data and virtualization to the next level.
Tags : cloud computing, virtualization, storage virtualization, SSD, start ups, big data

SNIA Releases Enterprise SSD Testing Spec

Specification tests performance of SSDs regardless of vendor.
Tags : SSD, SNIA, Storage

10 Hot SSD Implementations

SSD dominance shows no sign of abating as the aisles of Storage Networking World demonstrated earlier this month. With nearly half the vendors touting their latest flash products, we look at 10 to keep a close watch on.
Tags : Top 10, SSD, solid state drive, solid state disk, Storage

Taneja Group Research: The Costs of Performance

Taneja Group analyst Jeff Boles explains why performance, long neglected by storage innovation, is now at a mismatch with today's applications. But a solution may be on the way.
Tags : performance, SSD, I/O, Taneja Group, Storage

Real-Time Data Compression's Impact on SSD Throughput Capability

SandForce controllers are found in a wide range of SSDs. The most interesting and unique feature of SandForce SSD controllers is that they use real-time data compression to improve performance and SSD longevity. The impact, however, depends on the compressibility of the data.
Tags : SSD, real-time, dedupe, data compression, Storage

SSDs vs. Mechanical Disks -- Which is Better?

SSDs may be expensive, but they're well worth their high price tag when you consider their advantages. Here are 10 Reasons why SSDs are better than mechanical disks.
Tags : SSD, solid state disk, disk, power and cooling, disk storage

Xiotech Adds SSDs to ISE Arrays

Users can scale performance to almost 900,000 IOPS per rack
Tags : SSD, RAID array

Intel delivers 40GB/80GB SSDs

Intel's 310 Series solid state disk (SSD) drives have almost as much performance as the company’s 2.5-inch X25-M SSDs, but in one-eighth the size.
Tags : Intel, SSD, solid state disk, 310 Series

The SSD market needs standards

The JEDEC Solid State Association has published two sets of standards for endurance and reliability.
Tags : SSD, solid state disk drives


IBM to integrate multi-level cell SSDs into the DS8800, DS8700, Storwize V7000 arrays.

Fixing SSD Performance Degradation, Part 2

In part two of his look at solid state disk performance degradation, Jeff Layton puts an enterprise SSD through its paces to understand its performance characteristics before, during and after heavy use.
Tags : Intel, SSD, solid state disk, SSD Performance

Budgeting for Disk Storage, 2010 - 2013

The cost of disk storage isn’t dropping as fast as it has in years past and storage density improvements are going to take far longer until new technology enters the market in 2013 or 2014.
Tags : SSD, HDD, Hard Disk Drives, Storage Planning, Storage Budgeting

Storage I/O and the Laws of Physics

Henry Newman revisits the limitations of storage I/O and explains why the movement of data is at the mercy of the physical constraints within computers and storage hardware.
Tags : Flash, SSD, storage networking, solid state disk, Storage I/O

New Working Group To Tackle PCIe-based SSD Standards

The aim of the newly formed vendor group is top develop standards for PCIe-based solid state disks (SSDs).
Tags : SSD, solid state disk, PCIe SSDs, SSD Standards

How Cache Management Could Eat Your Lunch

The latency of the Internet is greater than the latency of disk, so what's the point of Flash cache for Web devices?
Tags : Flash, cache, SSD, disk drives, solid state disk

Green Storage - The Present and the Promising Future

IT is responsible for almost as much of the world's CO2 emissions as the aviation industry, but the groundwork is being laid for substantial long-term performance improvements that could make data centers – and storage systems – much greener.
Tags : SSD, SNIA, Energy Star, MAID, The Green Grid

STEC Beefs Up SSD Arsenal

STEC is now shipping new SSDs and now supports DRAM, SLC and MLC NAND Flash.
Tags : Flash, SSD, STEC, MLC, SLC

Violin Rolls Out MLC-Based Flash Memory Arrays

Violin’s addition of MLC-based devices to its line of SSDs is indicative of the general trend toward MLC NAND flash in enterprise disk arrays.
Tags : Flash, SSD, MLC, SLC, Violin Memory

Why Flash Drive Density Will Stop Growing Next Year

Solid state disk (SSD) development could easily stagnate at the 20-25nm mark without changes to today’s materials and techniques for storing and retrieving data.
Tags : Flash, SSD, NAND, solid state disk, Lithography

Pliant Rolls Out Low-Cost MLC SSDs

Company expects MLC technology will cut the price of SSDs in half.
Tags : SSD, solid state disk, Pliant, MLC, SLC

FalconStor Tackles I/O Bottlenecks for VDI

Virtual desktops get an I/O performance boost from the Network Storage Server (NSS) SAN Accelerator’s SSD technology.
Tags : SSD, VDI, virtual desktop infrastructure, FalconStor, SAN Accelerator

Viking Announces SATADIMM Solid State Drive

SATADIMM is an Enterprise Class SATA II Solid State Drive (SSD).
Tags : SSD, Solid-State Drives, SATA, Solid State Storage

Micron Ships 6Gbps SATA SSDs; Seagate Partners with Samsung

Micron's 6Gbps SATA drives compete with SSD drives from Intel, Samsung and STEC. Meanwhile, Seagate is partnering with Samsung for enterprise-class SSD controllers.
Tags : Flash, SSD, solid state disk

IceWEB Lands Federal Partner Data Storage Contract

The company will provide a multi-terabyte SSD (Solid State Drive) storage system for use by a Federal Government Agency.
Tags : SSD, solid state drive, Solid State Storage, storage system, solid state disk

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