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SSD vs. HDD: Performance and Reliability

When comparing SSD vs. HDD, the performance winner is clear cut but reliability is a more complex issue.
Tags : data storage, SSD, solid state drive, HDD, hard disk drive

Buying Guide: Flash Arrays

Whatever a flash array vendor says, there’s no substitute for testing in your own environment and under your own specific workloads.
Tags : Flash, SSD, enterprise storage, solid state drive, Flash Array

SSD vs. HDD Pricing: Seven Myths That Need Correcting

Despite what some experts predict, enterprise SSDs are likely to be more expensive than HDDs for some time.
Tags : SSD, solid state drive, HDD, Hard Disk Drives, Storage

10 Hot SSD Implementations

SSD dominance shows no sign of abating as the aisles of Storage Networking World demonstrated earlier this month. With nearly half the vendors touting their latest flash products, we look at 10 to keep a close watch on.
Tags : Top 10, SSD, solid state drive, solid state disk, Storage

IceWEB Lands Federal Partner Data Storage Contract

The company will provide a multi-terabyte SSD (Solid State Drive) storage system for use by a Federal Government Agency.
Tags : SSD, solid state drive, Solid State Storage, storage system, solid state disk

NetApp to Discuss Solid State Technology at Flash Summit

The company will discuss solid-state technology at two different sessions at the Flash Memory Summit in August.
Tags : solid state drive, flash memory, solid state disk, solid state

Nimbus Doubles SSD File System Capacity with S-1000

The company has expanded capacity by announcing the S-1000 which provides up to 10 TB of SSD capacity per shelf.
Tags : SSD, solid state drive, SSDs, solid state disk, storage capacity

Crucial Offers SSD Data Transfer Solution

The kit enables migration from a traditional hard drive to a Crucial Real SSD C300.
Tags : SSD, solid state drive, solid state disk, solid state

Top 10 Data Storage Startups

Want to hang with the cool kids? Well here they are.
Tags : data storage, venture capital, startups, solid state drive, Fusion-io

Anobit Claims Enterprise SSD Performance from MLC

Anobit claims a breakthrough in low-cost solid state drives that has eluded other SSD makers.
Tags : EMC, SSD, solid state drive, MLC flash, Anobit

Dell Adds Solid State Drive Tiering to EqualLogic Storage Arrays

Dell is the latest storage networking vendor to make the most of solid state drives with automated tiering.
Tags : Dell, solid state drive, iSCSI, tiered storage, storage tiering

Greenliant Acquires Microchip's NANDrive, NAND Controller

The acquired product lines from Microchip Technology will form the core of Greenliant's solid-state storage product portfolio.
Tags : Flash, SSD, solid state drive, NAND, controller

Top Ten Revelations from EMC World

We offer 10 observations from two days spent roaming through EMC's annual product showcase.
Tags : EMC, deduplication, Cloud Storage, solid state drive, EMC VPLEX

HP to Introduce 6Gbit/s Enterprise SSD

HP says its new SSD is suitable for use in Midline (MDL) drive environments.
Tags : SSD, Enterprise, solid state drive

IDC PC storage benchmark study

This study contrasts HDDs,SDDs and hybrids
Tags : data storage, SSD, storage networking, solid state drive

Tiered Storage Management: An Evolving Technology

The challenge that has plagued the reality of tiered storage management has been its management complexity. This is the Achilles heel of this innovative technology and has in many cases has compromised the effective integration of SSD resulting in the self defensive reaction of over provisioning.
Tags : SSD, storage networking, data protection, storage management, solid state drive

SandForce SSDs Demonstrate Record-Breaking Performance

According to the company its SSD processors a record performance benchmark on IBM Power Systems.
Tags : performance, SSD, Enterprise, solid state drive, IBM Power System

Foremay Announces SAS 2.0 Solid State Drives

The company's new Serial Attached SCSI ( SAS ) Solid State Drive offers capacities up to 400-GB.
Tags : SSD, Enterprise, solid state drive, Storage

EMC Sees SSDs, Ethernet Taking Over Data Storage

EMC's Global Marketing CTO sees solid state drives, the cloud and Ethernet as the future of storage networking.
Tags : EMC, Cloud Storage, solid state drive, EMC Atmos, object-based storage

Nimbus Unveils Nifty Solid State Drive Storage Array

Nimbus Data Systems has unveiled an all-SSD data storage array that the company claims is the first of its kind for enterprise storage.
Tags : SSD, storage networking, solid state drive, MLC flash, Nimbus Data Systems

EMC Sales Hit Record on Deduplication, Symmetrix Demand

Data deduplication and high-end storage arrays drive EMC's recovery from the Great Recession.
Tags : EMC, deduplication, solid state drive, Data Domain, EMC Symmetrix V-Max

Top 10 Cool Solid State Drive Implementations

It's sure to provoke debate, but here are our nominations for the coolest SSD implementations.
Tags : EMC, Intel, SSD, solid state drive, STEC

IBM Adds Solid State Drive Tiering to DS8700 Storage Array

IBM beats EMC to market with sub-volume data storage tiering.
Tags : IBM, SSD, storage management, solid state drive, tiered storage

OCZ Announces 2-TB Z-Drive SSD

OCZ Technology Group announced it will begin mass producing its PCI-Express (PCIe) Z-Drive R2 Solid State Drive (SSD) series.
Tags : SSD, SAN, solid state drive, storage system

March Solid State Drive Round-up

In the past month 3PAR, Riverbed and LSI/Seagate have all introduced solid state drives.
Tags : SSD, solid state drive, vendor

Choosing the Right Solid State Drive for Your Storage Network

Issues like wear leveling and your SAS or RAID controller will determine whether SSDs succeed in your storage networking environment.
Tags : SSD, storage networking, storage management, solid state drive, RAID controllers

3PAR Adds Sub-Volume Solid State Drive Tiering

3PAR beats EMC to the punch with storage tiering at the sub-LUN level.
Tags : SSD, storage networking, solid state drive, 3PAR, storage tiering

STEC Launches SSDs for Embedded Markets

STEC embedded SSDs offer random read performance of 15,000 IOPS and 6,000 IOPS Random Writes.
Tags : SSD, embedded, storage management, solid state drive

Solid State Drive Reliability and Performance in Storage Networking

There are many reliability and performance issues to consider before adding SSDs to your enterprise storage networking environment.
Tags : data storage, SSD, storage networking, Solid-State Drives, solid state drive

Solid State Drives in Enterprise Applications

SSDs can improve database and file system performance, but there are a number of issues that need to be addressed to make the most of the pricey drives.
Tags : data storage, database, file systems, SSD, solid state drive

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