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Top Ten Data Storage Trends that Emerged in 2014

In the data storage world, interest in software defined seems to have waned, while the cloud is on the way up.
Tags : Flash, data storage, cloud computing, Storage

Ensuring the Future of Data Archiving

Data integrity, security and format migration across decades will require new software and standards.
Tags : archive, Storage

The Future of HPC File Systems

HPC file systems offer many potential benefits, but the technology needs some important features before it will be ready for widespread enterprise adoption.
Tags : file systems, HPC, Storage

SSD vs. HDD Pricing: Seven Myths That Need Correcting

Despite what some experts predict, enterprise SSDs are likely to be more expensive than HDDs for some time.
Tags : SSD, solid state drive, HDD, Hard Disk Drives, Storage

Hybrid Cloud Storage Buying Guide

More companies are adopting a hybrid cloud storage model as cloud storage plays an increasing role in the enterprise.
Tags : cloud computing, enterprise storage, Cloud Storage, hybrid cloud, Storage

Dell EqualLogic Storage Array Buying Guide

Riding the growing interest in flash storage, Dell claims to offer “flash at the price of disk solutions.”
Tags : Dell, enterprise storage, EqualLogic, Storage

Red Hat Offering Free Storage Testing on AWS This Month

Red Hat Storage Server running on the AWS infrastructure is an open-software-defined storage platform providing a highly available storage solution with unified file and object access.
Tags : Red Hat, Storage, AWS Marketplace

Metadata About Metadata

Gathering and analyzing metadata about your metadata can help administrators make important decisions about storage needs.
Tags : metadata, Data Analysis, Storage Administrator, Storage

Enterprise File Collaboration Market Landscape

In order to be true enterprise-class products, file-collaboration solutions must offer scalability, security, control, usability and compliance.
Tags : collaboration, software, Enterprise, file sharing, vendors, Storage

Flash Storage Buying Guide

These companies offer Flash and hybrid storage solutions for a variety of uses.
Tags : Flash, SSD, hybrid, array, Storage, software-defined storage, disk drive

Five More Hot Storage Startups

Keep an eye on these new storage vendors.
Tags : Flash, software, array, startup, Storage

Disaster Recovery Buyers Guide

These vendors provide a wide array of disaster recovery and business continuity services.
Tags : cloud computing, infrastructure, disaster recovery, backup, business continuity, Storage

Google Adds Cloud Storage Management Improvements

Several new tools will help developers add some key new capabilities to applications and workloads that are running inside Google's Cloud Storage offering.
Tags : Google, Cloud, developers, applications, workloads, Storage, Google Cloud Storage

IO Patterns—What you don't know can hurt you

Understanding the IO patterns of your applications is good for end users and good for vendors.
Tags : SSD, disk drives, application, IOPS, Storage

Virtualization and the Need for Storage Acceleration Software

New improvements in the way cache is managed in virtualized environments may lead to big benefits.
Tags : cache, virtualization, acceleration, Storage, software-defined storage

Virtualizing Hadoop Impacts Big Data Storage

Taneja Group believes many enterprises may soon deploy Hadoop in virtualized environments.
Tags : Hadoop, virtualization, SAN, VMware, big data, Storage

Performance Analysis for File Systems: NFS vs. Parallel

You need different performance analysis and workload characterization tools for NFS and parallel file systems.
Tags : file systems, NFS, Lustre, Parallel File System, GPFS, Storage

Six Tips for Media Storage in a Big Data World

Media and entertainment companies need plenty of storage capacity, as well as analytics capabilities.
Tags : Flash, media, tape, disk, entertainment, big data, Storage

Storage TCO

The upfront purchase price is just a fraction of the total costs associated with storage arrays.
Tags : SSD, RAID, TCO, total cost of ownership, array, HDD, Storage

Eight Tips for Implementing a DR Program

Plan now to make sure you're prepared when a disaster hits.
Tags : backup, business continuity, Disaster Recovery Plan, archive, Storage

Media and Entertainment Storage Buying Guide

These four storage systems give media and entertainment companies the performance, features and capacity they need.
Tags : EMC, SSD, HP, NetApp, tape, array, Storage, Spectra Logic, disk drive

Quantum Grows Lattus Object Storage Disk Archive Line

New lower-cost offering puts disk-based Big Data archiving within reach of more enterprises.
Tags : Quantum, Object Storage, big data, Storage

Deduplication Appliances Buying Guide

These PBBAs from Quantum, HP, EMC and Symantec include built-in deduplication.
Tags : deduplication, hardware, backup, appliance, Storage

File Sync and Share Buying Guide

These vendors offer cloud-based file sync and sharing services that are suitable for enterprises.
Tags : Cloud, EMC, Enterprise, file sharing, SugarSync, DropBox, box, Storage, file synchronization

Ten Things You Need to Know about Enterprise File Sync and Share

Unless you provide your end users with an EFSS solution, they will use consumer versions, exposing your organization to security risks.
Tags : EMC, Enterprise, file sharing, Gartner, DropBox, Storage, file synchronization, BYOD

Where Should You Store Your Metadata?

Metadata repositories are growing so large that they is becoming a "big data" problem.
Tags : search, metadata, archive, big data, Storage

Top Ten Takeaways from EMC World

Cloud storage, big data and the software-defined trend played major roles at the event.
Tags : EMC, Cloud Storage, VMware, RSA, big data, Storage, software-defined storage, Pivotal

EMC Goes 'Wild' with Cloud and Big Data Strategy

The company unveiled a host of new products--including many with animal names--at EMC World.
Tags : cloud computing, EMC, data protection, NAS, Isilon, big data, Documentum, Storage, Pivotal

SSDs, Flash and Why Disks Will Not Go Away

Despite what flash vendors say, SSDs are not going to replace hard disks completely anytime soon.
Tags : Flash, SSD, hard drive, hard disk, NAND Flash, Storage

The Coming Software-Defined Storage Revolution

Just as virtualization and software-defined networking are transforming the data center, SDS is poised to have a huge impact on storage.
Tags : software, virtualization, Storage, software-defined storage

EMC Books Record Q1 Revenues, Announces New Pivotal Developments

The data storage giant weathers an enterprise IT landscape defined by cautious spending and reveals a big new investor for its Pivotal spin out.
Tags : Flash, EMC, Storage, Pivotal

There is No Magic Pixie Dust for Metadata

In order to be able to search archive storage, organizations need processes for creating, organizing and checking the quality of metadata.
Tags : video, search, metadata, archive, HPC, Storage

Hybrid Disk Drives, Caching SSDs and What They Mean to You

The idea of adding cache to storage is coming back into vogue again.
Tags : Flash, cache, SSD, disk drives, RAID, hybrid, appliance, Storage

IDC Defines Software Defined Storage

The market research firm seeks to get to disambiguate the popular new term. It's a move that may impact companies that label themselves as Software Defined Storage (SDS) vendors.
Tags : data storage, Storage, Software Defined Storage

Teambox Targets Enterprises with On-Premise Edition

Cloud services firm gives IT managers the reins of its file sharing and collaboration platform.
Tags : cloud services, collaboration, Storage

Cancer, Big Data and Storage

As researchers find new uses for big data--like personalized cancer treatment--it could result in a data explosion larger than anyone has predicted.
Tags : Analysis, big data, Storage

VDI Enablement Buying Guide

A growing number of storage vendors are releasing virtual desktop infrastructure products.
Tags : VDI, virtual desktop infrastructure, Storage

Oracle's Flash-Friendly Sun ZFS Storage Is Ready for New SPARCs

What good are new servers without storage? Oracle NAS systems offer automated SSD caching to speed up enterprise workloads.
Tags : Flash, NAS, ZFS, SPARC, Storage

Ten Tips for Storing Social Data

Social data is different from other types of data, so it has unique storage management needs.
Tags : SSD, deduplication, Cloud Storage, tiering, Storage, social data

Nimbus Data Floats HALO 2013 Software for SSD Arrays

The all-flash data storage vendor upgrades its software platform with support for a new REST-based API and apps that brings systems management capabilities to the iPhone and Android devices.
Tags : Flash, SSD, Solid State Storage, Storage

Six Hot Storage Startups

These young companies are offering products related big data, the cloud, virtualization and SSDs.
Tags : Flash, cloud computing, virtualization, SSD, startups, big data, Storage

Two Viable Open Source NAS Solutions

Both FreeNAS and OpenFiler offer solid options for open source NAS, with FreeNAS having a few advantages in regards to management and ease of use.
Tags : open source, NAS, benchmarks, Storage

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