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Protect Your Organization From Storage Hyperbole -- Why Vendors Over-Promise and Under-Deliver

If your recently bought storage system isn't delivering what your vendor promised, you're not alone in your frustration. Henry Newman explores why this is becoming increasingly common and what you can do to protect your enterprise.
Tags : storage management, Storage Budgeting, Storage

Is It Time to Add More Storage?

Bigger, better, faster, more. Is adding storage the solution? Is there a cure for storage addiction?
Tags : virtualization, Storage Budgeting, Storage

Budgeting for Disk Storage, 2010 - 2013

The cost of disk storage isn’t dropping as fast as it has in years past and storage density improvements are going to take far longer until new technology enters the market in 2013 or 2014.
Tags : SSD, HDD, Hard Disk Drives, Storage Planning, Storage Budgeting

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