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Tape Archiving Buyer's Guide

A spotlight on IBM, HP and Overland tape archiving products.
Tags : IBM, tape storage, HP, tape drives, archiving, Tape Library, LTO, Overland

The Secret Life of Tape, 2011 Update

With its hard error rate, low power consumption and cooling costs, and cost per TB, tape remains the best medium for long-term storage. Like any medium, however, tape has a life span and associated limitations.
Tags : archiving, tape, tape backup, LTO-5, Imation, life cycle, LTO

Strategies for Long-Term Data Retention

IDC analyst Noemi Greyzdorf looks at alternatives ranging from scale-out file-based systems to traditional tape archives.
Tags : archiving, tape, LTO, data retention

KOM Networks Announces Integration with Symantec Enterprise Vault

The technology partnership lets Symantec Enterprise Vault customers deploy the KOMpliance unified secure archive storage solution.
Tags : compliance, archiving, storage archive, storage solution

Why Enterprise Tape Can't Get No Respect

High-end tape storage is the most reliable enterprise storage media, orders of magnitude better than SAS drives, so why can't it be put to better use?
Tags : Oracle, IBM, tape storage, archiving, LTO-5

Iron Mountain Delivers NetApp-Enabled Content Archiving

A partnership with InterVision has enabled the company to offer users of NetApp and NearPoint solutions for archiving.
Tags : NetApp, archiving, Iron Mountain

NEC Moves Data Deduplication Down Market

The new HydraStor HS3-210 offers midrange storage users inline deduplication starting at $40,000.
Tags : deduplication, NEC, archiving, backup and recovery, EMC Data Domain

Oracle Says It's Committed to Tape Storage

Oracle is reassuring its Sun StorageTek data tape customers of its long-term commitment to the technology.
Tags : Oracle, Sun Microsystems, tape storage, archiving, backup and recovery

Unitrends Announces Adaptive Deduplication

The company says its adaptive deduplication approach is a data reduction mechanism that adapts dynamically to reduce the storage footprint.
Tags : data storage, deduplication, archiving, dedupe, storage footprint

HP Unveils LTO-5 Tape Storage Products

Tape storage remains a vibrant market, HP says.
Tags : tape storage, HP, archiving, backup and recovery, LTO-5

Dell Resells EMC Dedupe, Unveils Object Storage System

Dell deepens its relationship with EMC to include deduplication systems, and also unveils a system for storing unstructured data.
Tags : EMC, Dell, deduplication, archiving, network attached storage

ZyLAB Enhances Open E-discovery Solution

The company's e-mail archiving bundle offers user-based archiving directly from Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes or Groupwise.
Tags : e-Mail, archiving, e-discovery, open-source, retrieval

EMC Makes Archiving, E-Discovery Go Further

Centera gets new clustering abilities, and Data Domain gets indexing to help speed legal searches.
Tags : EMC, archiving, Data Domain, e-discovery, Centera

Disk Hasn't Killed Tape Yet

New products from Spectra Logic and Quantum show that tape isn't dead yet.
Tags : disk drives, backup, archiving, VTL, tape

Metalogix Offers Free SharePoint Archiving Tool

Anyone putting off archiving their SharePoint files is running out of excuses.
Tags : Microsoft, compliance, SharePoint, backup, archiving

GE Brings Holographic Storage to Life

GE thinks it's the company to finally make holographic storage technology realize its promise.
Tags : data storage, data protection, archiving

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