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MapR Technologies Brings Enterprise-Class to Big Data and Operational Data Alike

MapR Technologies delivers an enterprise-class distribution for Apache Hadoop with an in-Hadoop NoSQL database.
Tags : Hadoop, big data

Virtualizing Hadoop Impacts Big Data Storage

Taneja Group believes many enterprises may soon deploy Hadoop in virtualized environments.
Tags : Hadoop, virtualization, SAN, VMware, big data, Storage

Six Tips for Media Storage in a Big Data World

Media and entertainment companies need plenty of storage capacity, as well as analytics capabilities.
Tags : Flash, media, tape, disk, entertainment, big data, Storage

Quantum Grows Lattus Object Storage Disk Archive Line

New lower-cost offering puts disk-based Big Data archiving within reach of more enterprises.
Tags : Quantum, Object Storage, big data, Storage

Storage Appliances Are the Future

IT storage administrators will need to understand data storage appliances if they want to remain employed.
Tags : Hadoop, SSD, RAID, Lustre, Storage Appliances, big data, GPFS

Where Should You Store Your Metadata?

Metadata repositories are growing so large that they is becoming a "big data" problem.
Tags : search, metadata, archive, big data, Storage

Top Ten Takeaways from EMC World

Cloud storage, big data and the software-defined trend played major roles at the event.
Tags : EMC, Cloud Storage, VMware, RSA, big data, Storage, software-defined storage, Pivotal

EMC Goes 'Wild' with Cloud and Big Data Strategy

The company unveiled a host of new products--including many with animal names--at EMC World.
Tags : cloud computing, EMC, data protection, NAS, Isilon, big data, Documentum, Storage, Pivotal

Cancer, Big Data and Storage

As researchers find new uses for big data--like personalized cancer treatment--it could result in a data explosion larger than anyone has predicted.
Tags : Analysis, big data, Storage

Eight Big Data Storage Stars

These storage management solutions complement Hadoop.
Tags : Hadoop, IBM, EMC, Red Hat, storage management, big data

Six Hot Storage Startups

These young companies are offering products related big data, the cloud, virtualization and SSDs.
Tags : Flash, cloud computing, virtualization, SSD, startups, big data, Storage

Big Data Storage Buying Guide

Analysts advise managers to think strategically and consider their security needs when it comes to big data storage.
Tags : Flash, Hadoop, SSD, tiering, big data, Storage

Big Data NAS Buying Guide

Several vendors offer network storage solutions designed to handle Big Data.
Tags : EMC, HP, NAS, Panasas, HDS, big data, Storage

Big Data, Nate Silver, and Predictions

The trend toward data analysis and forecasting may require us to change how we view archives.
Tags : Analysis, archive, forecast, big data, Storage

Big Data and In-Storage Processing

For many big data applications, it reduces costs and saves time to do processing in the storage device instead of transferring data to other systems.
Tags : applications, processor, big data, Storage

IBM Storage Targets Big Data and the Cloud

Big Blue zeroes in on the hottest trends in enterprise IT with new XIV arrays, an updated data compression appliance and private cloud storage software.
Tags : cloud computing, data compression, big data, Storage

IBM Snags StoredIQ for Big Data Storage Management

Big Blue sets its sights on legal e-discovery in its quest to grow its Big Data solutions portfolio.
Tags : storage management, big data, Storage

IBM Debuts DS8870 Arrays in Big Data, Cloud Storage Revamp

Big Blue aims for Big Data analytics and cloud workloads with Power7 processors and new storage management updates.
Tags : cloud computing, IBM, big data, Storage

Top of the Big Data Stack: The Importance of the Software Stack

A look at Big Data application languages, data access functions, file systems, and even the OS.
Tags : big data, Storage, Software stack

The Top of the Big Data Stack: Hadoop, MapReduce, and Analytics

This final look at the top of the stack discusses the role of Hadoop in Big Data and how this all ties into analytical tools Mapreduce and R.
Tags : Hadoop, analytics, big data, mapreduce

The Top of the Big Data Stack: Database Applications

There are eight types of database applications for Big Data. Learn what they are and what they mean for data storage.
Tags : big data

The Top of the Big Data Stack: Applications Classification and Data Storage

Big Data is everywhere, but what really is it? We define it and discuss how to get 'data' into 'Big Data.'
Tags : big data

Looking Behind the Big Data Storage Buzz

Everyone is talking about Big Data, and this popular technology has implications up and down the storage stack. This new series will look at Big Data from each end of the spectrum -- from data extraction to the hardware needed to analyze the data, with  OS, file systems and other system software in the middle.
Tags : storage hardware, file system, big data, Data Analytics

Panasas Promotes Parallel Scale-Out NAS for HPC

Tackling big data storage requirements, the company offers ActiveStor parallel NAS solution touting scalability, simplified management for HPC operations.
Tags : NAS, Panasas, HPC, Scale-out NAS, big data, ActiveStor 11

EMC Takes on Big Data with New Greenplum Platform

EMC's Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform brings together brings together Greenplum’s database with its Hadoop offering and a collaboration tool for data scientists to change the way organizations tackle Big Data analytics.
Tags : EMC, analytics, Greenplum, big data

Aptare Takes Aim at Unstructured Data with File Analytics

The enterprise storage resource management specialist says its StorageConsole File Analytics platform will help organizations better leverage unstructured data while reducing storage and compliance costs and minimizing corporate risk.
Tags : Unstructured Data, Aptare, big data, Storage

Big Data Drives Rebirth of Tape Market

Just when tape was (once again) left for dead, big data has arrived to save the day.
Tags : backup, tape, big data

Spectra Logic's 10 Key Storage Shifts

Last week, Spectra Logic held a press and analyst day in Boulder, Colo. These 10 highlights stood out among the news, technology trends and company's pure ambition.
Tags : Oracle, backup, tape, active archive, disk, archive, big data

10 Takeaways From Oracle OpenWorld

Big data, business intelligence, cloud and big boxes were featured prominently at Oracle's big conference this year.
Tags : Oracle, EMC, business intelligence, NetApp, OpenWorld, big data, Storage, Pillar Data Systems

6 Big Data Implementations to Watch

What does 'big data' really mean? Here are 6 implementations helping define it.
Tags : Hadoop, open source, IBM, EMC, CA, NetApp, pNFS, Greenplum, big data, Engenio

8 Hot Storage Startups to Watch

These eight storage companies are pushing cloud, SSD, big data and virtualization to the next level.
Tags : cloud computing, virtualization, storage virtualization, SSD, start ups, big data

Scality Looks to Remake Cloud Storage With 'Organic' Approach

Firm is taking a novel approach to massive cloud storage with an object-oriented technology.
Tags : Cloud Storage, storage management, object oriented programming, big data

The State of File Systems Technology, Problem Statement

Wondering why your ext 3/4 maxes out at five disk drives and what you can do about? Henry Newman and Jeff Layton are going under the hood in this four-part series to determine what is at the heart of the ever-growing file system scaling problem. This installment explains the problem and what their testing and evaluation process will be.
Tags : RAID, file system, big data, Storage, xfs

EMC Isilon Buyer's Guide

EMC's acquisition of Isilon has been the cornerstone of its big data strategy. Enterprises wrangling large volumes of  file-based data will find  many of their needs met with Isilon's core offerings.
Tags : EMC, buyer's guide, Isilon, big data, Storage

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