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Top Ten Data Storage Trends that Emerged in 2014

In the data storage world, interest in software defined seems to have waned, while the cloud is on the way up.
Tags : Flash, Storage, cloud computing, data storage

The Day the Cloud Died: Planning for Cloud Failure

Cloud computing failure is far from a remote option, so businesses must have a plan to handle partial or complete cloud outages.
Tags : cloud computing, Cloud Storage, backup and disaster recovery

Seven Tips for Disaster Recover in the Cloud

Cloud computing is changing disaster recovery, from pricing to methodology.
Tags : cloud computing, DR planning, Disaster Recovery Plan

Can Cloud Storage Costs Fall to Zero?

Cloud storage providers keep lowering their prices. How low can they go?
Tags : cloud computing, Cloud Storage

Data Storage's Future: Disruption Ahead

The future of data storage is in flux as legacy storage vendors face a dizzying array of challenges.
Tags : cloud computing, Software Defined Storage, enterprise storage, SDS, data storage, Flash

Cloud Appliance Buying Guide

The cloud appliance sector is driven by the allure of commodity servers and hardware-agnostic software.
Tags : appliance, commodity servers, hardware, cloud computing

Choosing the Right Cloud Storage Provider

More and more data is leaving the confines of the enterprise for the cloud. Here's how to pick the right provider.
Tags : cloud storage providers, enterprise storage, cloud computing, Cloud Storage

Seven Big Surprises from EMC World

The Internet of Things and the rise of the Third Platform, among other emerging trends.
Tags : IoT, cloud computing, Third platform, EMC

Hybrid Cloud Storage Buying Guide, Part II

Hybrid cloud storage offers strong benefits for business and many more vendors are expected to move into this sector.
Tags : Cloud Storage, cloud computing, hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud Storage Tips

Although hybrid cloud storage is becoming a default choice for businesses, it remains highly confusing.
Tags : cloud computing, Cloud Storage, enterprise storage, hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud Storage Buying Guide

More companies are adopting a hybrid cloud storage model as cloud storage plays an increasing role in the enterprise.
Tags : Cloud Storage, enterprise storage, cloud computing, Storage, hybrid cloud

Shared Storage in the Cloud

While the technology is still in its infancy, there are several options for creating shared storage in the cloud for HPC workloads.
Tags : cloud storage service, cloud computing, Amazon Web Services

Cloud-Storage Mergers and Acquisitions: What’s Going On?

The pattern of furiously flying dollars reveals key trends in the storage business.
Tags : cloud computing, virtualization, Cloud Storage, mergers and acquisitions

Eight Ways to Avoid Cloud Storage Pricing Surprises

Cloud storage can be a cost saver, unless you fail to double check the details.
Tags : cloud computing, cloud pricing, Cloud Storage

Cloud Backup ROI Calculator

The Cloud Backup ROI Calculator will help you measure return on your cloud backup and storage investments. Free download.
Tags : ROI Calculator, ROI, return on investment, cloud backup, cloud computing, Cloud Storage

Barracuda's Copy Storage Cloud Updates Get Enterprising

Copy gets ready for business with new features that improve security and support advanced workflows.
Tags : DropBox, box, cloud computing, Cloud Storage, enterprise storage

Hybrid Cloud Storage: Extending the Storage Infrastructure

Hybrid cloud storage offers significant cost savings, but beware of over-hyped solutions that don’t offer all of this technology’s true benefits.
Tags : data storage, cloud computing, hybrid cloud, Cloud Storage

Top Ten Storage Trends of 2013

Flash, storage tiering, and 'software defined' were among the hot trends in the data storage market.
Tags : cloud computing, Object Storage, data storage, Flash, tiered storage

Scality Cloud Storage Update Delivers Native NFS Support

The one RING? Storage startup blurs the lines between file and object storage.
Tags : cloud computing, data storage, NFS, network file system, Cloud Storage

Storage Networking World: From Tape to Cloud

At the big data storage conference, attendees talked about the collapse of Nirvanix, the value of tape and how cloud is changing data storage.
Tags : storage networking, data storage, tape backup, cloud computing

Cisco CTO Warrior: Software-Only SDN Has ‘Limitations’

The Cisco executive’s comments reflect differences in approaches by Cisco and VMware after the virtualization vendor’s introduction of NSX.
Tags : virtualization, IT infrastructure, SDN, VMware, enterprise networking, Cisco, cloud computing

Disaster Recovery Buyers Guide

These vendors provide a wide array of disaster recovery and business continuity services.
Tags : cloud computing, infrastructure, business continuity, disaster recovery, backup, Storage

SanDisk Invests in Flashy Cloud Startup Panzura

The flash storage and SSD specialist wants to help a flash-accelerated cloud storage company's systems make their way into more enterprises.
Tags : Sandisk, cloud computing, data storage, Cloud Storage

EMC Goes 'Wild' with Cloud and Big Data Strategy

The company unveiled a host of new products--including many with animal names--at EMC World.
Tags : data protection, NAS, cloud computing, Storage, Documentum, big data, Isilon, Pivotal, EMC

Eight Cloud Storage Pitfalls to Avoid

Before you rush into a cloud storage arrangement, be sure to ask these questions.
Tags : deduplication, cloud computing, disaster recovery, Object Storage, Cloud Storage

10 Things to Know Before You Go into the Cloud

Doing your homework can help you avoid mistakes when it comes to selecting a cloud storage provider.
Tags : Cloud Storage, backup, cloud computing

Six Hot Storage Startups

These young companies are offering products related big data, the cloud, virtualization and SSDs.
Tags : big data, Storage, virtualization, SSD, startups, Flash, cloud computing

Parallel Storage Clouds

The world is adopting cloud storage, but will they be disappointed when it is not able to keep up with computations? Is parallelism the answer?
Tags : Cloud Storage, cloud computing, Parallelism

EMC Intros VMAX Cloud Edition for 'As-a-Service' Enterprises

EMC targets enterprise cloud infrastructures with new preconfigured storage systems that offer extensive automation and self-service administration.
Tags : VMax, cloud computing, EMC, Storage

Software-Defined Storage Buyers Guide

These four products provide flexible, scalable software-defined storage.
Tags : Software Defined Storage, Storage, cloud computing, data center, virtualization

IBM Storage Targets Big Data and the Cloud

Big Blue zeroes in on the hottest trends in enterprise IT with new XIV arrays, an updated data compression appliance and private cloud storage software.
Tags : data compression, cloud computing, Storage, big data

EMC Q4 Earnings Boosted by Strong Enterprise Storage and Cloud Demand

High-end arrays, midrange storage systems and cloud software and infrastructure offerings helped the IT giant hit $6 billion in quarterly revenues for the first time.
Tags : Storage, cloud computing, Flash, EMC

EMC Melds Syncplicity Enterprise Cloud File Sharing with On-Premise Storage

Enterprise data storage provider blends cloud file sharing capabilities with the security and manageability of on-premise storage management.
Tags : cloud computing, file sharing, Storage

Bringing Clarity to Cloud Storage

TeamQuest claims its solution helps monitor the performance and capacity of both SAN storage and related infrastructure.
Tags : SAN, cloud computing, Storage

File System Interface Future: Cloud Computing's Impact

Cloud storage cannot replace POSIX file systems fully, so various technologies will need to co-exist.
Tags : Storage, file systems, POSIX, cloud computing, REST

Seven Solid Cloud Storage Apps

Worthwhile cloud storage products from VMTurbo, dinCloud, Kinetic D, Tarmin, VeriStor, Asigra and Egnyte.
Tags : cloud computing, Cloud Storage

EMC Atmos Embraces Amazon's Cloud

EMC seeks to widen its cloud storage platform's appeal with the addition of Amazon S3 support.
Tags : cloud computing, EMC, Amazon, Storage

Cloud Security and Key Management: Major Worries

Data in the cloud needs to be encrypted, which means businesses must understand how to safely handle the keys to that encryption.
Tags : cloud security, encryption, cloud computing, Encryption Keys

IBM Gives PureSystems a Storage Boost

With the debut of its new Flex System V7000 hardware, Big Blue offers improved storage utilization and management on its PureSystems line of integrated IT systems.
Tags : IBM, cloud computing, Cloud Storage, Storage

Getting a Handle on Cloud Backup

Thinking about online backup and storage for your company? Here's how to make the business case, identify vendors, and evaluate specific solutions.
Tags : cloud backup, cloud computing, Storage

Picking the Right Cloud Storage Vendor

Given that cloud storage is relatively new, selecting the best cloud storage vendor for your business presents unique challenges.
Tags : cloud computing, Cloud Storage, Storage

Cloud Computing Availability Assurance Buying Guide

The need for secure cloud storage drives the growth of disaster recovery (DR) assurance software.
Tags : Storage, cloud computing

Microsoft Buys StorSimple for Enterprise Cloud Storage

Microsoft aims to strengthen the ties between Windows Server and Azure by snapping up a cloud storage appliance maker.
Tags : cloud computing, Cloud Storage, Micorosoft, StorSimple

Seagate Aims New Enterprise HDDs at the Cloud

Hard drive maker targets cloud-enabled storage infrastructure with improved performance, built-in security and energy savings.
Tags : Storage, HDD, cloud computing

Top Ten Storage Takeaways from Oracle OpenWorld 2012

One time naysayer Larry Ellison is now the Cloud’s greatest advocate, or so he claims.
Tags : Storage, OpenWorld, cloud computing, Oracle

IBM Debuts DS8870 Arrays in Big Data, Cloud Storage Revamp

Big Blue aims for Big Data analytics and cloud workloads with Power7 processors and new storage management updates.
Tags : IBM, cloud computing, Storage, big data

Cloud Storage Marketing Hype: Amazon Glacier's Big Claims

Proving that the cloud storage space offers some questionable advertising, Amazon’s Glacier makes some remarkable claims.
Tags : Storage, cloud computing, Cloud Storage

The Enigma of Benchmarking Clouds

However you feel about cloud storage, it is a consideration for many applications. Evaluating cloud providers to determine the best solution for an enterprise is often an arduous and complex task. Learn what you can do to make it less painful.
Tags : Cloud Storage, cloud computing, benchmarking

Analyst Love and Loathing in the Storage Industry

From hybrid hard disk drives and HPC to tape and midrange neglect, storage analysts weigh in on what they love and hate in the industry today.
Tags : midrange, HDD, HPC, tape, storage technologies, backup, cloud computing, dedupe

Symform, QNAP Bring Together Cloud Storage and NAS

QNAP Systems has agreed to integrate its NAS offerings with Symform's Cloud Storage Network.
Tags : NAS, QNAP, Symform, Storage, cloud computing

Nasuni Adds Multi-site Access to its Data Continuity Service

Nasuni comes up with a way for multiple users to work on the same data file from different locations without worrying about data integrity problems.
Tags : data integrity, Cloud Storage, Nasuni, cloud computing

10 Cloud Deployments Worth a Look

Considering a cloud deployment? Here are 10 examples to check out and possibly emulate.
Tags : Cloud Storage, cloud computing, EMC Atmos, Amazon EC2

10 Takeaways From EMC Forum

Cloud computing dominated at EMC's annual trade show, but it wasn't the only message the storage vendor was trying to get out.
Tags : EMC World, Top 10, Storage, EMC, cloud computing

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