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Taneja Group Research: Deduplication and the Innovation Race -- It Isn't Over

Most enterprise have dedupe equipment, but not all backup data is  being deduplicated. HP's StoreOnce storage technology aims to change this.
Tags : HP, dedupe, data deduplication, Storage

More Deduplication Tools to Check Out

Data deduplication has hit the mainstream and nearly all of the major vendors have an offering along with numerous smaller players. Here are 13 dedupe offerings worth a look. At least one is likely to more than meet your needs.
Tags : NetApp, dedupe, FalconStor, data deduplication

Need More Data Dedupe Capacity? Just Turn It On

New deduplication appliance lets you turn on more disk space when you need it.
Tags : deduplication, Quantum, data deduplication, Storage

8 Deduplication Products You Must Check Out

It wasn't long ago that data deduplication was niche player territory. Now, all of the major vendors have a stake. Here are 8 dedupe offerings that stand apart from the crowd.
Tags : EMC, deduplication, HP, Symantec, Quantum, dedupe, data deduplication, Atempo

HP Integrates 3PAR into Cloud Platform

HP also introduced an iSCSI SAN blade and a data deduplication system.
Tags : HP, 3PAR, data deduplication

Quantum Doubles Dedupe Speed via Software

The DXi 2.0 software runs on Quantum’s DXi line of disk-based backup and deduplication appliances.
Tags : data deduplication, disk-based backup

NEC Deduplication Gets 2X Performance Increase

NEC recently announced the HYDRAstor HS8-3000 line of data deduplication systems, claiming twice the throughput of the previous generation.
Tags : data deduplication, disk-based backup

Sepaton Doubles Deduplication Performance

Sepaton recently began shipping two new models in its S2100-ES2 family of disk-based backup systems, which include global data deduplication.
Tags : data deduplication, disk-based backup

BridgeSTOR Debuts Appliance for Microsoft DPM

BridgeSTOR claims data reduction of up to 10:1.
Tags : backup and recovery, data deduplication, data compression

Symantec Ships Scale-out NAS, Dedupe Appliances

Symantec moves deeper into the hardware market with the NetBackup 5200 data deduplication and FileStore N8300 scale-out NAS appliances.
Tags : NAS, data deduplication

CommVault Adds Source-Side Dedupe to Simpana 9

The new version of CommVault’s flagship data protection platform includes array-based snapshot integration and source-side data deduplication.
Tags : virtualization, CommVault, snapshots, data deduplication, Simpana 9

Calculating the True Cost of Storage Systems

The cost-per-megabyte equation has gone out the window. There are a variety of new metrics that must be used to calculate the true cost of a storage system.
Tags : data storage, compression, capacity optimization, storage system, data deduplication

Quantum Ships Mid-Range FC VTL

The new DXi6700 with deduplication takes on the EMC Data Domain DD670.
Tags : Quantum, VTL, virtual tape library, data deduplication

IBM to Buy Storwize for Real-Time Data Compression

IBM has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Storwize in an effort to add real-time data compression to its storage portfolio.
Tags : IBM, data deduplication, data compression

IBM expands ProtecTIER deduplication, upgrades SONAS platform

IBM has introduced ProtecTIER data deduplication appliances for SMBs and a series of enhancements for the massive SONAS platform.
Tags : IBM, NAS, data deduplication, ProtecTIER, SONAS

Dell to Buy Ocarina for Deduplication, Compression

Dell made a move to acquire storage optimization specialist Ocarina Networks on Monday that raised a number of questions about the company’s plans for data deduplication.
Tags : Dell, data deduplication, Ocarina Networks, Storage Optimization

Oracle Adds Data Deduplication to Sun 7000 Storage Array

Enhancements to the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System include support for Fibre Channel and data deduplication.
Tags : Oracle, fibre channel, storage array, data deduplication

Neuxpower Releases File-Server Version of NXPowerLite

NXPowerLite reduces the capacity requirements for Microsoft Office files on primary storage.
Tags : Microsoft Office, optimization, compression, data deduplication

CommVault Adds Dedupe to Storage Management Software

CommVault also plans to add object-based storage and snapshot-based archiving and data movement.
Tags : storage management, dedupe, storage software, data deduplication

Enterprise Benefits of Data Deduplication

Cramming more data into the same amount of space appeals to the enterprise.
Tags : data storage, enterprise storage, dedupe, data deduplication

Nexenta Adds Data Dedupe to NexentaStor 3.0 with ZFS

Nexenta has added data deduplication capabilities its storage appliance software using the ZFS file system.
Tags : storage management, dedupe, ZFS, data deduplication, Storage

Tandberg Launches Dedupe Software, Storage Networking Appliance

The company has introduced its first NAS device and data deduplication software for SMBs
Tags : storage networking, NAS, appliance, data deduplication

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