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IT Disaster Recovery: Automate, Virtualize

When the unforeseen hits, an IT department needs a pre-set response pattern to lessen the chaos.
Tags : Disaster Recovery Plan, disaster recovery, DR planning

Disaster Recovery Buyers Guide

These vendors provide a wide array of disaster recovery and business continuity services.
Tags : Storage, backup, cloud computing, infrastructure, disaster recovery, business continuity

Eight Cloud Storage Pitfalls to Avoid

Before you rush into a cloud storage arrangement, be sure to ask these questions.
Tags : Object Storage, deduplication, cloud computing, Cloud Storage, disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery: IT Pros Handle Hurricane Sandy

IT professionals talk about disaster recovery in response to the mega-storm. Plus: 10 lessons learned for the next natural disaster.
Tags : disaster recovery, IT management, cloud backup, Storage, Disaster Recovery Plan

How Many Archive Copies Do You Really Need?

Generally, when organizations are deciding how many copies of a file they need on hand, they are really asking a reliability question about  the data. And the most common question that follow that is, are two copies  on low-cost, low-reliability media better than one copy on enterprise media?
Tags : data archive, archive, disaster recovery, reliability

Symantec Reveals Plans for Microsoft Storage Management, High Availability

Symantec says Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability 6.0 for Windows, expected in mid-December, will deliver 30x faster failover, disaster recovery and storage management.
Tags : failover, Veritas, disaster recovery, high availability, Symantec

STORServer Aims to Simplify Backup, Disaster Recovery

Bundled appliance offering backup, archiving and disaster recovery aims to remove complexity for mid-market enterprises.
Tags : backup, backup and recovery, STORServer, disaster recovery

Nimble Storage: It's All About Convergence

Startup vendor specializes in converged array that marries primary and backup storage along with disaster recovery.
Tags : Flash, disaster recovery, iSCSI, array, RAID array, Nimble Storage

Egnyte Touts Hybrid Model for Cloud Storage

Kleiner Perkins-backed startup looks to deliver the ease and flexibility of the cloud paired with on-site speed and reliability.
Tags : cloud computing, hybrid cloud, disaster recovery, Cloud Storage

Marathon Combines DR, Fault Tolerance for SMP Servers

Marathon’s everRun MX Extend software integrates fault tolerance for SMP servers with CA’s ARCserve continuous replication software for high availability and disaster recovery.
Tags : ARCserve, Marathon Technologies, disaster recovery, business continuity, CA

InMage vContinuum Combines Backup, DR for VMs

InMage is out to make backing up virtual machines (VMs) a snap.
Tags : VMware, backup, InMage, vContinuum, disaster recovery

6 Storage and Data Protection Tips for SMBs

Small business with a data storage problem? Here are six tips for buying storage and maintaining and protecting your data.
Tags : disaster recovery, small business, data protection, SMB, data storage

VMworld Storage Product Highlights: Round 2

A roundup of the data protection, backup and recovery, business continuity and disaster recovery announcements made at this week’s VMworld conference.
Tags : VMware, disaster recovery, backup and recovery, business continuity, VMworld

7 Disaster Recovery Tips for Government Agencies

Five years removed from Katrina, many government agencies are investigating what they can do to keep operations up and running during a major disruption such as a hurricane.
Tags : business continuity, CDWG, disaster recovery

Datalink Announces $8M Disaster Recovery Project Win

The company will optimize this client's disaster recovery (DR) capabilities using disk-based site-to-site replication technologies.
Tags : DR, DR planning, disaster recovery, Disaster Recovery Plan

Actifio Decouples Data Management from Storage

Storage software startup Actifio is trying to do for data management what virtualization did for servers.
Tags : business continuity, virtualization, disaster recovery, data protection

Continuity Brings DR/HA Testing to the Private Cloud

The latest version of Continuity Software’s enterprise-class DR/HA testing and monitoring software promises to bring business continuity to the private cloud.
Tags : cloud computing, Cloud Storage, disaster recovery

i365 Expands Cloud-Based Application Recovery Service

Seagate’s cloud-based services arm, i365, has expanded its cloud server recovery service to support heterogeneous operating systems.
Tags : Cloud Storage, disaster recovery

5 Tips For Disaster Recovery Planning

Five considerations for effective disaster-recovery planning.
Tags : disaster recovery, Disaster Recovery Plan, disaster recover, Disaster Response team

Zetta Offers Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Replication

The company announced the new one-step replication option for users of its on-demand enterprise storage service.
Tags : Zetta, replication, cloud service, Cloud Storage, disaster recovery

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Demand for cloud-based services are a growing at an increasing rate.
Tags : Cloud Storage, disaster recovery

NetApp Integrates with Microsoft for SMB Cloud Disaster Recovery

NetApp's integration with Microsoft lets service providers offer enterprise-class data protection to SMB customers.
Tags : NetApp, disaster recovery, Microsoft, disaster recover

Storage Security Best Practices

Storage must become an integral part of the corporate security strategy.
Tags : disaster recovery, data protection, storage networking, security

Disaster Recovery For Your Small Business

Too many small businesses don't protect themselves with a disaster recovery plan.
Tags : small business, Disaster Recovery Plan, data storage, disaster recovery, SMB

LCO Group Announces SMB Disaster Recovery and Backup

The company is also offering a free business continuity assessment for small to mid-sized businesses.
Tags : CDP, backup, SMB, disaster recovery

EMC Data Protection Advisor 5.5 for Automated Management of Backup, Replication, and More

With Data Protection Advisor version 5.5, EMC provides additional ways to make sure data is protected and ready to recover in the event of a system failure or disaster.
Tags : disaster recovery, EMC, data storage, DR

STORServer Offers Disaster Recovery Services

Data backup solution provider, STORServer, has recently added disaster recovery consulting to its service portfolio.
Tags : DR testing, storage backup, DR planning, disaster recovery

Using Data Deduplication to Shrink Backups

Data deduplication offer extremely high compression ratios that offset the higher cost of raw storage capacity.
Tags : disaster recovery, deduplication, data storage, dedupe

Virtualization Makes Disaster Recovery Affordable

Using virtualization technology small to midsize enterprises find business continuity and disaster recovery more affordable.
Tags : storage management, data storage, virtualization, business continuity, disaster recovery

ShadowProtect Small Business Server 4.0 Released

The new version integrates disaster recovery planning with virtualized systems for centralized management of backups.
Tags : backup, small business, disaster recovery

New Schooner Storage Appliances

Schooner's servers a proprietary architecture to provide high performance/high availability disaster-recovery and storage capabilities.
Tags : disaster recovery, SSD, archive, storage appliance

Dot Hill Offers SMB Storage System Lineup

The company has announced its AssuredSAN protection appliances for SMBs.
Tags : Dot Hill, SMB, storage system, disaster recovery

Unitrends Launches Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

The Vault2Cloud disaster recovery (DR) service uses a common backup and recovery engine for providing protection for over 100 different versions of applications and operating systems.
Tags : DR, disaster recovery, Cloud, backup

EMC Gives Exchange Users New Disaster Recovery Tools

EMC taps into a Microsoft API to offer new data replication, disaster recovery and storage networking tools.
Tags : replication, Microsoft Exchange, email backup, EMC, disaster recovery

Compellent Storage Network Helps Rudolph Tech Grow

Rudolph Technologies was looking for a storage network to keep up with its rapid growth. A Compellent SAN provided the answer.
Tags : Storage area network, storage array, storage networking, Compellent, disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery: Getting Back to Business

Getting data back is easy, knowing what is going to happen with that data after it is restored is more difficult to plan for.
Tags : backup, disaster recovery, process, data storage

Storage Management and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Dealing with disaster recovery in a data center cloud environment.
Tags : data center, disaster recovery, data storage, cloud computing, Cloud

Double-Take, Amazon Move Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

Double-Take's backup software and Amazon EC2 give smaller businesses the equivalent of a disaster recovery site in the cloud.
Tags : Amazon EC2, backup, disaster recovery, Cloud Storage, Double-Take Software

Cloud Leverage Offers Really Cheap Online Storage

A new startup promises enterprise-class online storage for a nickel a gigabyte per month with no transfer fees.
Tags : Cloud Storage, data storage, online storage, online backup, disaster recovery

Boosting Virtual Server Backup Performance

Virtual servers have made backups much more challenging than they used to be. Here's how one company solved the problem.
Tags : virtual server, backup, server virtualization, disaster recovery, virtual machine

Acronis Disaster Recovery Offers Free Deduplication

For the next two months, Acronis is offering its solution free as part of a new campaign to help businesses reduce their overall storage costs.
Tags : disaster recovery, deduplication, storage management, de-dupe, Storage

Continuity Software Ensures Disaster Recovery Preparedness

Continuity Software says its disaster recovery monitoring software is the next best thing to extensive DR testing.
Tags : Continuity Software, data protection, disaster recovery, data recovery, data storage

Symantec: Security and Data Protection Lead, But Clouds Lag

Security and data protection are top enterprise needs, according to the software vendor, while clouds are the lowest priority.
Tags : Symantec, security, data protection, backup, disaster recovery

EMC Makes Recovery Work with Backup, Replication Reporting

EMC claims that its Data Protection Advisor eliminates the need for disaster recovery testing.
Tags : replication, backup, EMC, reporting, disaster recovery

Error Correction: An Urgent Need for Files

The digital future will require a level of file and data integrity that doesn't exist today, but there are some possible solutions.
Tags : data preservation, data integrity, data archiving, data storage, disaster recovery

Symantec Backs Up Linux

Symantec is adding Linux support to its Backup Exec System Recovery software.
Tags : Backup Exec, disaster recovery, backup, Linux, Symantec

T-Mobile Data Loss a Setback for Clouds?

A massive data loss at T-Mobile should drive home one point: Always have more than one copy of your data.
Tags : Cloud Storage, backup, disaster recovery, Microsoft Danger, T-Mobile

VMware Automates Disaster Recovery

VMware's Site Recovery Manager is making disaster recovery easier for more than 2,000 customers.
Tags : disaster recovery, EMC

EMC Gives Data Domain New Replication Features

Cascaded replication and 180-to-1 remote site fan-in features are aimed at large distributed enterprises.
Tags : deduplication, Data Domain, disaster recovery, replication, EMC

Virtualization Makes Disaster Recovery Cheaper

Server virtualization from the likes of Microsoft and VMware is helping companies save on disaster recovery costs.
Tags : Hyper-V, disaster recovery

IBM Uses Replication, Dedupe to Cut Data Recovery Costs

Replication is becoming a must-have feature for data deduplication vendors.
Tags : deduplication, IBM, replication, disaster recovery

WAN Optimization Grows Up

The market for WAN optimization is maturing, but companies like Riverbed and Blue Coat are still going strong.
Tags : replication, data migration, disaster recovery, data protection, WAN optimization

NetEx HyperIP Boosts Data Storage Recovery

NetEx says its HyperIP protocol can restore data quickly from remote replication sites.
Tags : WAN optimization, data protection, disaster recovery, replication

EMC Keeps Israel's Power Grid Up and Running

The Israel Electric Corp. turned to EMC to keep its VMware environment running in case of a disaster.
Tags : EMC, disaster recovery

HP's Hybrid Approach to Disaster Recovery

HP and other data storage vendors are helping users replicate to different storage product families to save on disaster recovery costs.
Tags : replication, disaster recovery, HP, EMC, data storage

CA Gives Away Dedupe, Backup Reporting

CA is making a bold move to grab share in the data backup and recovery market.
Tags : CA, backup, deduplication, data storage, disaster recovery