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VVOLs and VMware

Virtual Volumes (VVOLs) enable a VM to communicate its data management requirements directly to the storage array.
Tags : enterprise storage, VM, VMware

Data Copy Management Wants to Crush Your Copies

Data copy management offers a ket advantage in complex computing infrastructure, not only for data protection but also for business groups that depend on production data copies.
Tags : enterprise storage, data management

Object Storage Buying Guide

Object storage allows file data to be stored and preserved with its business context as additional meta-data.
Tags : enterprise storage, Object Storage, Object Properties

Data Storage's Future: Disruption Ahead

The future of data storage is in flux as legacy storage vendors face a dizzying array of challenges.
Tags : Flash, data storage, cloud computing, enterprise storage, Software Defined Storage, SDS


The SAS vs. SATA debate is often framed as the “price favorite” vs. the “enterprise favorite.” Here’s an in in-depth look at the issue.
Tags : data storage, enterprise storage, SAS, SATA, Sata drives

Caching, Flash, Disk and Storage's Future

The relative importance of the technologies driving storage is shifting quickly.
Tags : Flash, caching, enterprise storage, POSIX, disk

Choosing the Right Cloud Storage Provider

More and more data is leaving the confines of the enterprise for the cloud. Here's how to pick the right provider.
Tags : cloud computing, enterprise storage, Cloud Storage, cloud storage providers

Buying Guide: Flash Arrays

Whatever a flash array vendor says, there’s no substitute for testing in your own environment and under your own specific workloads.
Tags : Flash, SSD, enterprise storage, solid state drive, Flash Array

Hybrid Cloud Storage Tips

Although hybrid cloud storage is becoming a default choice for businesses, it remains highly confusing.
Tags : cloud computing, enterprise storage, Cloud Storage, hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud Storage Buying Guide

More companies are adopting a hybrid cloud storage model as cloud storage plays an increasing role in the enterprise.
Tags : cloud computing, enterprise storage, Cloud Storage, hybrid cloud, Storage

Buying Guide for Enterprise Hard Drives

Sure, solid state drives get all the buzz, but hard disk drives are still a key tool in data storage. Here are some of the latest products available from HDD OEMs.
Tags : data storage, enterprise storage, HDD, Hard Disk Drives

The Enterprise Storage Market: What It Will Take to Win This Year?

New storage vendors that want to challenge legacy providers for enterprise business need to have five key capabilities.
Tags : enterprise storage, storage hardware

Barracuda's Copy Storage Cloud Updates Get Enterprising

Copy gets ready for business with new features that improve security and support advanced workflows.
Tags : cloud computing, enterprise storage, Cloud Storage, DropBox, box

Open Source Storage Buying Guide

An overview of open source data storage solutions reveals that software defined has made big inroad in this sector.
Tags : open source, data storage, enterprise storage

Dell EqualLogic Storage Array Buying Guide

Riding the growing interest in flash storage, Dell claims to offer “flash at the price of disk solutions.”
Tags : Dell, enterprise storage, EqualLogic, Storage

Data Storage QoS: Still Emerging, But Inevitable

Although adoption is still limited, leading storage experts say QoS will eventually be part of most enterprise storage systems.
Tags : data storage, enterprise storage, QoS, quality of service

New Combo: Software Defined Storage, Networking

A look at leading solutions in software defined networking reveals that this sector is converging with software defined storage.
Tags : enterprise storage, software defined networking, Software Defined Storage

Data Storage: Reviewing 2013, Forecasting 2014

A noted data storage pundit fearlessly predicts the future for flash, SAS, SATA, NAS and many other key data storage technologies.
Tags : Flash, data storage, enterprise storage, SAS, SATA, PCI

Where is the Data Storage Innovation?

As the data storage market churns with the old guard fending off the newcomers, where is enterprise storage headed?
Tags : Flash, data storage, data center management, enterprise storage, solid state drives

Data Storage: How to Save Space Frugally

A data storage expert offer techniques to help squeeze your expanding data into finite storage capacity.
Tags : data storage, deduplication, enterprise storage, dedupe

The Company That Could Replace Flash Storage with Nanotubes

Even as flash storage overtakes the enterprise, a still more innovative technology is potentially poised to overtake flash.
Tags : Flash, data storage, enterprise storage

Seven Hot Products from Storage Networking World

New data storage products from the industry confab reveal many future directions in the storage market.
Tags : Flash, data storage, storage networking, enterprise storage

PMC Unveils Series 8 12Gbit/s RAID Adapters

The latest version leverages faster SAS RAID-on-Chip (RoC) controllers and maxCache Plus tiering technology.
Tags : networking, enterprise storage, RAID, tiering, PMC

External Disk Storage Revenues Drop in Q1: IDC

The storage industry hits a speed bump, its first since 2009.
Tags : Flash, enterprise storage, SAN, NAS, external drives

Making RAID Work into the Future

RAID can't keep up with ever-increasing drive size, but solutions like Dynamic Disk Pools offer a potential solution.
Tags : enterprise storage, NetApp, RAID

Mainstreaming High IO Performance with Flash Cache

Enterprise storage solutions with flash cache can offer faster performance and lower latency at a reasonable price.
Tags : Flash, cache, SSD, enterprise storage, tiering, IOS

Whiptail Banks $31M for All-Flash Enterprise Storage

Storage startup lands funding from flash drive maker SanDisk to grow its all-flash storage array business.
Tags : enterprise storage, Storage

New Enterprise Storage Research

A new report by Ovum and Fast Market Research discusses on-premise enterprise storage and backup.
Tags : enterprise storage, Storage Research

New Survey Reveals Top Enterprise Data Storage Challenges

A new survey by Nimble Storage finds complexity and cost to be key challenges associated with enterprise data storage.
Tags : data storage, data storage management, enterprise storage, survey

Coraid Announces Record Growth, Delivers Enterprise Storage Products

The company says it has tripled its worldwide sales bookings since January of this year.
Tags : enterprise storage, storage system, Coraid

PMC-Sierra Reports Growth in Enterprise Storage

The company reported a 5 percent higher than net revenues over the first quarter of 2010.
Tags : data storage, enterprise storage, PMC-Sierra

OCZ Qualifies Enterprise SSDs with Adaptec MaxIQ

The company is leveraging the optimization of MaxIQ storage controllers to allows OCZ to maximize SSD performance.
Tags : SSD, enterprise storage, solid state disk, OCZ

Enterprise Benefits of Data Deduplication

Cramming more data into the same amount of space appeals to the enterprise.
Tags : data storage, enterprise storage, dedupe, data deduplication

Xiotech Offers iPhone Enterprise Storage Management App

The ISEview application has become the first enterprise storage application available in the Apple iPhone App Store.
Tags : iPhone, enterprise storage, application, enterprise application, Intelligent storage

Energy Star Standards for Enterprise Storage

The EPA is seeking comments on draft standards for Energy Star certification for enterprise storage systems.
Tags : enterprise storage, Energy Star, EPA

PMC-Sierra to Acquire Adaptec Channel Storage Business

PMC-Sierra will acquire Adaptec's channel storage business, includes the RAID storage product line.
Tags : enterprise storage, RAID, Adaptec

Can Cloud Computing Replace Your Storage Network?

Enterprises don't seem to be in much of a hurry to turn to the cloud to meet their storage networking needs, presenting a big obstacle for cloud storage providers.
Tags : data storage, storage networking, enterprise storage, Cloud Storage, backup and recovery

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