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The Future of HPC File Systems

HPC file systems offer many potential benefits, but the technology needs some important features before it will be ready for widespread enterprise adoption.
Tags : file systems, HPC, Storage

Performance Analysis for File Systems: NFS vs. Parallel

You need different performance analysis and workload characterization tools for NFS and parallel file systems.
Tags : file systems, NFS, Lustre, Parallel File System, GPFS, Storage

File System Interface Future: Cloud Computing's Impact

Cloud storage cannot replace POSIX file systems fully, so various technologies will need to co-exist.
Tags : cloud computing, file systems, REST, POSIX, Storage

DataDirect Networks Storage Buying Guide

DataDirect Networks  is positioning  its three product categories -- storage arrays, files systems and web object storage systems  for the cloud -- to deal directly with the convergence of storage and compute power resulting from organizations'  ever-growing volume of data.
Tags : file systems, storage array, DataDirect

CTERA Adds Data Protection to Linux File Systems

The data storage startup says its Next3 file system goes well beyond Linux's snapshot capabilities.
Tags : Linux, file systems, data protection, snapshots, CTERA

Symantec Expands Thin Provisioning, Partners on Clustered NAS

Despite reports of layoffs, Symantec's storage and backup software division remains hard at work.
Tags : file systems, Symantec, thin provisioning, network attached storage, object-based storage

Symantec Unveils Object File System to Manage Data Growth

The security and storage software firm previews a new file system designed to maximize server use and manage unstructured data.
Tags : data storage, file systems, storage networking, Symantec, object-based storage

Oracle Drops Hitachi Data Storage Arrays

Hitachi's high-end storage arrays leave Oracle's data storage product lineup; will others follow?
Tags : Oracle, file systems, Hitachi Data Systems, Sun Oracle merger, Sun Open Storage

Solid State Drives in Enterprise Applications

SSDs can improve database and file system performance, but there are a number of issues that need to be addressed to make the most of the pricey drives.
Tags : data storage, database, file systems, SSD, solid state drive

10 Reasons Why ZFS Rocks

There are some good reasons why Sun's open source ZFS file system is so popular.
Tags : open source, file systems, Sun Microsystems, ZFS, open storage

Does Fragmentation Hurt Storage Network Performance?

SAN vendors say fragmentation isn't a problem with their systems, but a few point fingers at Windows.
Tags : Windows, file systems, fragmentation, storage networking, SAN

RAID's Days May Be Numbered

The long-running data storage technology could be headed for trouble. We look at the problem — and potential solutions.
Tags : data storage, file systems, RAID, data loss, OSD

Storage Basics: Clustered File Systems

Clustered file systems can give you an easy route to highly available storage. We outline some of the options.
Tags : open source, Linux, file systems, clusters

Buttering Up Linux File Systems

Linux BTRFS is coming — so what's the big deal?
Tags : Linux, file systems, BTRFS, ext4, ZFS

SSDs, pNFS Will Test RAID Controller Design

The storage world as we know it is about to change — and not all RAID vendors are ready.
Tags : file systems, SSD, I/O, pNFS, RAID controllers

HP's Ibrix Buy Cools NetApp Speculation

The acquisition of the file serving specialist means that HP won't be making a play for NetApp anytime soon, according to analysts.
Tags : file systems, HP, NetApp, mergers and acquisitions, Ibrix

Achieving Robust Clustered Storage with Linux and GFS

Clustered file systems can give your storage environment greater resilience. Using Linux GFS, we show you an example.
Tags : open source, data storage, Linux, file systems

Sun Adds Solid State Drive Management to ZFS

The latest version of Sun's open source ZFS file system includes automated management of SSDs. And OpenSolaris gets new networking and virtualization features.
Tags : open source, data storage, file systems, Sun Microsystems, Solid-State Drives

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