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Micron Buys Phase Change Memory Maker Numonyx

Micron's acquisition of Numonyx gives the memory firm a big stake in phase change memory (PCM) and NAND flash, two technologies that could change enterprise data storage.
Tags : SSD, Solid-State Drives, Micron, Numonyx, phase change memory PCM

Phase Change Memory: The Next Big Thing in Data Storage?

Phase change memory could be the technology that moves the data storage industry from HDDs to solid state drives.
Tags : Intel, SSD, Solid-State Drives, Numonyx, phase change memory PCM

I/O Bottlenecks: Biggest Threat to Data Storage

New technologies like phase change memory could make storage networks irrelevant unless the industry bands together to address I/O bottlenecks.
Tags : data storage, storage networking, Solid-State Drives, phase change memory PCM, POSIX