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SAN Management Buyer's Guide

Despite rapid change in the data center, the Storage Area Network (SAN) remains a critical element of the storage infrastructure.
Tags : SAN, Storage area network, storage management

Cloud Gateway/Cloud Management Buying Guide

These vendors offer cloud gateway products that make managing data stored in the cloud more like managing data stored on a local NAS or SAN.
Tags : Amazon, Cloud Storage, storage management, gateway, Zenoss, Nasuni, riverbed technologies, Twinstrata

Storage Management and Standards

The SMI-S standard can make it easier to manage storage devices in a large data center with systems from multiple vendors.
Tags : HP, storage management, standards, 3PAR, Windows Server 2012

Eight Big Data Storage Stars

These storage management solutions complement Hadoop.
Tags : Hadoop, IBM, EMC, Red Hat, storage management, big data

The Rise and Fall of SAN Storage

What are the factors that are causing SAN storage to fall from dominance, and what does the rise of appliances mean for the storage industry?
Tags : SAN, storage management, NAS, appliance, Storage Administrator, Storage

IBM Snags StoredIQ for Big Data Storage Management

Big Blue sets its sights on legal e-discovery in its quest to grow its Big Data solutions portfolio.
Tags : storage management, big data, Storage

The Year in Storage: Reflection on 2012 and Predictions for 2013

A look back at the forecasts made for 2012 and a look ahead to what the new year might bring.
Tags : storage management, predictions, Storage

Protect Your Organization From Storage Hyperbole -- Why Vendors Over-Promise and Under-Deliver

If your recently bought storage system isn't delivering what your vendor promised, you're not alone in your frustration. Henry Newman explores why this is becoming increasingly common and what you can do to protect your enterprise.
Tags : storage management, Storage Budgeting, Storage

Scality Looks to Remake Cloud Storage With 'Organic' Approach

Firm is taking a novel approach to massive cloud storage with an object-oriented technology.
Tags : Cloud Storage, storage management, object oriented programming, big data

Data is Becoming Colder

Do you have data that you haven't touched in a long time? Some fairly recent studies have shown that data is getting colder.
Tags : data storage, storage management

Symantec Ships Data Insight for Storage

Software provides capacity consumption monitoring, chargeback and data utilization reports.
Tags : storage management

10 More Ways to Save on Storage

There is no shortage of technologies and techniques that can help you get more out of your storage dollar. Here are 10 more ways to keep costs down.
Tags : deduplication, tape storage, storage management, storage tiering, data reduction

The Slow Climb Out of Storage Management Hell

Will storage management technologies improve over the next few years? For storage administrators, it’s going to be a slow journey out of storage management Hell, according to Henry Newman.
Tags : network management, storage management, fibre channel, EtherNet

IT, eDiscovery and Enlightened Self-Interest

eDiscovery development and dollars are moving fast into areas under IT’s direct control and there are many driving factors that are making eDiscovery more attractive to IT.
Tags : IT, storage management, eDiscovery, regulatory compliance

Akorri Offers VM Storage Management

The new version of BalancePoint manages across both the VMware and Microsoft virtualized environments.
Tags : storage virtualization, storage management

Data Storage Management with Symantec

Symantec offers a range of products from security and backup to storage management.
Tags : data storage, data storage management, storage management, storage management software

Top 5 Tips for Effective Storage Management

Five storage management tips from which every storage administrator can benefit.
Tags : storage management, Storage Resource Management, SRM, Solarwinds, capacity planning

Akorri Upgrades Storage Utilization Software

Akorri’s latest cross-domain management software lets SAN administrators monitor and optimize performance and capacity utilization.
Tags : storage management, Storage Resource Management, Storage Optimization, Akorri

Best Storage For Server Virtualization

Expanding a virtual server infrastructure means dealing with storage challenges.
Tags : virtualization, server virtualization, storage management

Intel Tweaks Storage Application Atoms

Two Atom processors - both popular for networked storage boxes - will offer an increased clock speed and support for DDR3 SODIMM.
Tags : storage management, Application storage, Storage

Backup Complexity is Top Data Storage Management Challenge

A new survey from Nimble Storage suggests that complexity and cost are key challenges associated with data backup and recovery.
Tags : data storage, storage management

Storage Management Tips for IC Designers

Scale-out storage technologies allow you to add capacity without downtime.
Tags : data storage, storage management

3PAR Simplifies Multi-Site Storage Management

The company has a new Unified Management Console for multi-site storage replication.
Tags : storage management, 3PAR, remote replication

Hitachi: Storage Virtualization Should Be Simple

Hitachi Data Systems says that systems to enable virtualization of externally attached storage should be simple.
Tags : data storage, virtualization, storage virtualization, storage management, storage system

Storage Management Software Market Recovering

Increased consolidation, virtualization, and large scale data growth will see the storage management software market grow.
Tags : data storage, data storage management, storage management, storage management software, storage software

Storage Management Technologies for Optimization

Optimization, deduplication, and compression technologies can help save the cost of an upgrade.
Tags : deduplication, storage management, optimization, cost management

Symantec Storage Management Drags Security Sales

Industry analysts say that Symantec’s Storage and Server Management business continues to decline.
Tags : Symantec, storage management

Tips for Easier Storage Management

This article offers tips to help storage admins choose the right storage system and management tools.
Tags : storage management

All Storage Environments Need a Storage Administrator

Even small or simplified storage environments need someone to manage it.
Tags : storage management, storage management software, Storage Administrator

Using Tivoli to Address Storage Management Challenges

A new whitepaper from IBM presents Tivoli storage management solutions.
Tags : storage management, Tivoli Storage Manager, Tivoli

Storage Management News Roundup

Here is a look at some of this week’s headlines from the data center and hosting industry.
Tags : storage management

An In-Depth Look at EMC's Greenplum Plans

EMC plans to move up from data storage to data management and information analysis.
Tags : data storage, storage management

Using Virtualization to Improve Networked Storage Management

If server virtualization is the first step to better storage management how will storage requirements evolve?
Tags : virtualization, storage management, virtualization technilogies

Storage Management with LVM

Logical Volume Management (LVM) is an open-source storage management tool for managing multiple storage devices.
Tags : storage management, storage management software, open-source, open-source software

How Virtualization Changes Data Storage Management

Many new storage trends are the result of successful server and desktop virtualization.
Tags : data storage, virtualization, storage management

Isilon Offers Storage Management Apps in OneFS 6

The SmartPools and InsightIQ applications simplify data management in scale-out NAS environments.
Tags : storage management

2010 Data Storage Trends in the Data Center

From storage virtualization to solid state drives (SSDs), so far 2010 has brought many new trends to the world of enterprise data storage.
Tags : data storage, storage networking, storage management, dedupe

Aptare Adds SAN Fabric Component to Storage Management App

The company has released a new version of its storage resource management (SRM) app, StorageConsole 8.
Tags : storage management, SRM, Aptare, SAN Fabric

Storage Management: An Elastic Approach

As the amount of data that needs to be managed continues to grow, it requires new approaches to storage management.
Tags : storage management, data management, elastic data

Information Lifecycle Management

This is a good general briefing on Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) at a high level.
Tags : data protection, storage management, ILM

Adaptec Supports a Variety of SSDs

The company has expanded its MaxIQ Solid State Drive (SSD) caching product line.
Tags : SSD, storage management, PCIe, controller, solid state disk

Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) Solutions

The original concept of HSM has been adopted within a number of newer solutions.
Tags : storage management, Hierarchical Storage Management, HSM

The Storage Management Lifecycle

A Framework for Continuous Reduction of Storage TCO Unit Cost
Tags : storage networking, data protection, storage management

CommVault Adds Dedupe to Storage Management Software

CommVault also plans to add object-based storage and snapshot-based archiving and data movement.
Tags : storage management, dedupe, storage software, data deduplication

Pillar Data Simplifies Storage Management for XenServer

Admins can access a single storage management interface for both Citrix virtual machine deployments and Pillar Axiom storage arrays.
Tags : storage management, XenServer, storage array

Tiered Storage Management: An Evolving Technology

The challenge that has plagued the reality of tiered storage management has been its management complexity. This is the Achilles heel of this innovative technology and has in many cases has compromised the effective integration of SSD resulting in the self defensive reaction of over provisioning.
Tags : SSD, storage networking, data protection, storage management, solid state drive

RecoverNow V5.1 Offers Data Recovery for IBM i Systems

The recent upgrade includes a recovery assistant to automate and simplify recovery operations.
Tags : IBM, data protection, storage management, data recovery

SolarWinds Offers Free Storage Monitoring Tool

SAN Monitor is a free tool designed to identifying performance bottlenecks with disk I/O and latency.
Tags : SAN, storage management, SAN Monitor, storage tool

StorFirst Storage Software Supports Cloud Platforms

The new StorFirst EAS 3.7 release offers support for a variety of cloud storage platforms.
Tags : data storage, Cloud Storage, storage management, Storage

Open-Source Green Data Storage and Analysis

Huge data volumes require increases in the amount of hardware infrastructure needed.
Tags : data storage, data center, storage management, data volume, green storage

The Storage Management Lifecycle: A Framework for Continuous Reduction of TCO Unit Cost

How the use of mature management practices within a disciplined framework can impact the unit TCO of enterprise storage
Tags : storage networking, storage management, TCO

Emulex Moves Into Storage Network Management

Emulex is moving beyond its core market for storage networking adapters and into storage management software.
Tags : storage networking, storage management, Emulex, network convergence, virtual I/O

Gladinet Introduces CloudAFS Data Storage Management

CloudAFS attaches cloud storage to existing IT infrastructure for a multi-tiered storage solution.
Tags : Cloud, storage management, backup, file server

Emulex Announces new 'OneCommand Vision' Software

Emulex OneCommand Vision compliments existing system and storage management solutions.
Tags : I/O, network management, storage management, FCoE

Virtualization Makes Disaster Recovery Affordable

Using virtualization technology small to midsize enterprises find business continuity and disaster recovery more affordable.
Tags : data storage, virtualization, storage management, disaster recovery, business continuity

3PAR Offers CSA Storage Management Expertise

Storage vendor, 3PAR, has joined the Cloud Security Alliance as a corporate member.
Tags : storage management, Cloud Security Alliance, 3PAR, Storage vendor

BT Uses CommVault for Better Data Storage Management

BT has turned to HP and CommVault to cut costs on managing six petabytes of data.
Tags : data storage, storage management

IBM Products for Storage Management of 'Big Data'

IBM claims its new storage management products reduce the cost and complexity of storing vast amounts of data.
Tags : data storage, IBM, storage management, Storage

SolarWinds Updates for Better Storage Management

SolarWinds integrates Profiler Suite to better address storage management solutions for small to mid-sized Enterprises.
Tags : IT management, storage management, Enterprise, SME

CloudRecovery Enhanced with Data Protection Manager

Iron Mountain has enhanced its CloudRecovery product with support for Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2010.
Tags : Cloud, data protection, storage management, recovery

Deduplication as a Storage Management Strategy

Dedupe is blossoming faster than the industry has seen with other value-add storage features.
Tags : deduplication, storage management, dedupe

IBM Adds Solid State Drive Tiering to DS8700 Storage Array

IBM beats EMC to market with sub-volume data storage tiering.
Tags : IBM, SSD, storage management, solid state drive, tiered storage

Automate with Application-Managed Storage

A number of technologies will facilitate automated data and storage management.
Tags : data storage, virtualization, application, storage management

Optimize Primary Storage with Compression

Struggling to support nearly out-of-control data? Go back to primary storage optimization.
Tags : storage management, optimization, compression, primary storage

Storage Management Tools Improve Optimization

Providers push SRM tools as managed services.
Tags : storage management, optimization, storage tools, SRM

Symantec Maximizes NEC Hydrastor Storage Management Suite

Customers using the NEC HYDRAstor in conjunction with Symantec NetBackup can maximize storage capacity utilization.
Tags : data storage, security, storage management

Abtech Storage Management for IBM XIV Line

The company's off-the-shelf technology helps to reduce storage costs and simply storage management.
Tags : architecture, software, hardware, storage management, SATA

Managing Compliance in the Cloud

The cloud has also introduced a new set of IT management and data storage complexities.
Tags : data storage, Cloud, compliance, storage management, law

The Rising Cost of Data Storage

Our dependence on huge, rapidly growing piles of data is costing money.
Tags : data storage, storage management, data growth

EMC's Storage Federation Vision

EMC's Pat Gelsinger offers a look at the company's vision of global storage federation.
Tags : data storage, EMC, storage management, storage federation

Storage Networking Product Roadmaps Gone Bad

How to spot signs that an IT vendor might not execute on its product strategy.
Tags : data storage, storage networking, storage management, storage technologies, product roadmap

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