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Tape Data Storage Buying Guide

Think tape is passé for data storage? Tape is not only highly popular, in some sectors its usage is growing.
Tags : data storage, tape storage

Will the “Tape is Dead” Folks Please Sit Down?

Those vendors that claim tape is no longer viable for data storage usually have a vested interest in other storage media.
Tags : data storage, tape storage, tape backup

Tape Data Storage Market: Buying Guide

Contrary to the hype, tape is far from dead in the data storage market.
Tags : data storage, tape storage, tape

HP Debuts New StoreEver LTO-6 Tape Storage Hardware

HP undergoes a big tape storage system revamp as the company shifts to the LTO-6 tape standard.
Tags : data storage, tape storage, HP

Tape Archiving Buyer's Guide

A spotlight on IBM, HP and Overland tape archiving products.
Tags : IBM, tape storage, HP, tape drives, archiving, Tape Library, LTO, Overland

10 More Ways to Save on Storage

There is no shortage of technologies and techniques that can help you get more out of your storage dollar. Here are 10 more ways to keep costs down.
Tags : deduplication, tape storage, storage management, storage tiering, data reduction

Overland Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit on Tape Storage Technologies

The suit claims infringement of two of Overland Storage's United States patents representing fundamental improvements in virtual storage and media access in the tape storage market.
Tags : tape storage, lawsuit, Overland

Oracle: Reasons to Love Tape

Oracle EVP John Fowler praises flash and tape.
Tags : Flash, data storage, tape storage, tape, disk

Oracle Adds LTO-5 Support to StorageTek Tape Line

Oracle added LTO-5 tape support to its StorageTek tape libraries and drives, boosting its biggest library system to 150PB of capacity.
Tags : Oracle, tape storage, tape, Tape Library, StorageTek

Qualstar Books Record Enterprise Library System Order

The $700,000 order is the largest in the company's XLS Libraries history.
Tags : tape storage, tape, Tape Library, Enterprise Library

Direct Indexing Lowers Tape Storage Risks

Eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming restoration requires a more intelligent approach.
Tags : data storage, tape storage, data backup, backup, Tape Library

Why Enterprise Tape Can't Get No Respect

High-end tape storage is the most reliable enterprise storage media, orders of magnitude better than SAS drives, so why can't it be put to better use?
Tags : Oracle, IBM, tape storage, archiving, LTO-5

Oracle Says It's Committed to Tape Storage

Oracle is reassuring its Sun StorageTek data tape customers of its long-term commitment to the technology.
Tags : Oracle, Sun Microsystems, tape storage, archiving, backup and recovery

Tape Storage, Fibre Channel and Technology Innovation

The effect of the evolution of Ethernet on the data storage market offers a case study in the causes of technology market disruption and innovation.
Tags : deduplication, tape storage, FCoE, 10 GbE, fibre channel

HP Unveils LTO-5 Tape Storage Products

Tape storage remains a vibrant market, HP says.
Tags : tape storage, HP, archiving, backup and recovery, LTO-5

Disk Backup, Deduplication Move Tape to an Archiving Role

Cheap, high-capacity disk storage and deduplication are pushing tape backup into an archiving role.
Tags : deduplication, tape storage, data backup, data archiving, backup and recovery

Oracle to Keep Sun's Data Storage, Tape Businesses

Oracle revealed this week that it not only plans to keep Sun's disk storage business, but its tape business too.
Tags : open source, data storage, tape storage, open storage, Sun Oracle merger

LTO-5 Breathes New Life into Tape Storage

Far from dying, data tape storage technology is getting faster, denser and more secure.
Tags : data storage, IBM, tape storage, Quantum, tape

The Secret Life of Data Tapes

Data tapes have limits and a finite lifespan, and — if you care about your data — you better know what they are.
Tags : tape storage, tape, tape backup, Imation, backup data, Storage

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