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PMC Unveils Series 8 12Gbit/s RAID Adapters

The latest version leverages faster SAS RAID-on-Chip (RoC) controllers and maxCache Plus tiering technology.
Tags : networking, enterprise storage, RAID, tiering, PMC

Ten Tips for Storing Social Data

Social data is different from other types of data, so it has unique storage management needs.
Tags : SSD, deduplication, Cloud Storage, tiering, Storage, social data

Big Data Storage Buying Guide

Analysts advise managers to think strategically and consider their security needs when it comes to big data storage.
Tags : Flash, Hadoop, SSD, tiering, big data, Storage

Top 5 Backup Trends (Plus Five Bonus Trends for Active Archiving)

Deduplication and virtualization continue to be hot topics.
Tags : virtualization, deduplication, backup, tiering, active archive

Mainstreaming High IO Performance with Flash Cache

Enterprise storage solutions with flash cache can offer faster performance and lower latency at a reasonable price.
Tags : Flash, cache, SSD, enterprise storage, tiering, IOS

The Future of Storage: Devices and Tiering Software

The only constant about storage technology is the fact that it is constantly changing. But where is it headed? Storage devices and tiering software are two areas ripe for speculation.
Tags : tiering, IOPS, storage predictions, storage devices

Cloud-Based Tiered Storage

Cloud storage is supposed to be unlimited but no one has really been tested on this claim as yet.
Tags : Cloud, Cloud Storage, tiered storage, tiering

3PAR Automates Sub-volume Tiering with SSD

The new Adaptive Optimization software is designed to squeeze more out of the company's high-end storage servers.
Tags : SSD, optimization, storage server, 3PAR, tiering

NetApp Says Data Storage Future is SATA and Cache Cards

In NetApp's view, there will be no tiering of storage in the future.
Tags : data storage, storage management, SATA, tiering, cache cards

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