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File System Wrap Up: We Were Not Successful

The vendors would not deliver the promised hardware for  our real-world testing. We ponder why and issue a challenge.
Tags : Linux, RAID, file system, Storage, xfs, fsck

Test Plan for Linux File System Fsck Testing

Our examination of the ever-growing Linux file system scaling problem continues. In part 2 of our State of File Systems Technology series, Jeff Layton describes the approach and specs to be used in running  the fsck wall clock time  benchmark/test.
Tags : testing, Dell, RAID, file system, xfs, fsck

The State of File Systems Technology, Problem Statement

Wondering why your ext 3/4 maxes out at five disk drives and what you can do about? Henry Newman and Jeff Layton are going under the hood in this four-part series to determine what is at the heart of the ever-growing file system scaling problem. This installment explains the problem and what their testing and evaluation process will be.
Tags : RAID, file system, big data, Storage, xfs

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