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Multi-Service Access Provides Vehicle for SAN Transport Page 2

Multi-service access frees IT professionals from being at the mercy of a particular vendor and enables decision making based on need and budget. The application, rather than the vendor, can now drive the connectivity planning. Deploying a variety of open protocols enables IT managers to effectively and efficiently interoperate with other facilities, customers, and suppliers.

The multi-service access concept has long been a fundamental of core networking. This progressive mindset must now be applied to SAN transport, in order for systems engineers to manage constantly escalating storage demands.

Multi-service access offers five clear advantages.

1. Storage applications can drive WAN-link deployment decisions. Only multi-service access guarantees the system engineer is able to maximize applications' performance.

2. Bandwidth can be purchased based on need. This is a critical budgetary saving because WAN connections are a recurring monthly expensive.

3. The multi-service access approach protects existing technology investments. Incremental upgrades in connectivity can be ordered with minimal changes and disruptions to the overall system.

4. Multi-service access is the only approach that ensure enterprise-wide service. Some connections, such as OC-48 and SONET, are not universally available, and additionally, WAN infrastructure varies widely even within single companies.

5. Multi-service access based on open protocols greatly enhances interoperability. As SAN connectivity continues to emerge, the interoperability of equipment from multiple vendors and varying connectivity options is vital.

As the standards associated with multi-service access mature, the ability to locate resources based on need, rather than technical limitations, will become possible, affordable and practical.

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