Storage Basics: SCSI Part II Page 5 -

Storage Basics: SCSI Part II Page 5

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As technologies go, SCSI has had a good run in an industry where the only constant is change. SCSI's ability to adapt and improve help ensure that it is not destined to fade into the background. The world of SCSI has always been one riddled with complexity and confusion, and the bad news is that the future for the veteran technology does not look any less complicated. In addition to new standards such as Ultra320 SCSI coming out, the advent of iSCSI will continue to make the world of SCSI one mired in compatibility issues and questions about capabilities and speeds.

In terms of application, SCSI is likely to remain a popular choice for connecting devices in small to medium sized storage applications. Even though other connectivity technologies like Fibre Channel and iSCSI will continue to chip away at SCSI in terms of market share, "traditional" SCSI is sure to be with us for some time yet.

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