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Open Source Gaining Ground

Gluster isn’t the first storage startup to utilize open source. Recently, we have seen a wave of them bring a sound business case to the storage world such as Cloudera, Pentaho and Cleversafe. Periasamy said the economy is playing its part. With few venture capital investments into storage, the crucible of innovation has switched to various open source communities.

Surprisingly, the open source label actually helps when it comes to adoption in large operations.

“Enterprises are more willing to buy open source from a startup than they are proprietary software,” said Periasamy. “Even if the startup goes away, they can fall back on the open source community for support, as well as creating the functionality they need.”

The viral nature of open source networks has also aided Gluster in distributing its wares. Periasamy said that the community aspect has gotten the software into companies that would have been otherwise impossible to penetrate.

“The open source grapevine seems to work better than a big sales team,” said Periasamy. “We have thousands of people helping us in sales, marketing and support, and they aren’t on the payroll.”

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