FalconStor Gearing Up to Ship IPStor

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FalconStor Software Inc. announced a host of industry partnerships and interoperability demonstrations at Storage Networking World in support of the release of its IPStor(R) software, which is expected to ship within 30 days.

According to FalconStor,. IPStor is the only product capable of aggregating and virtualizing iSCSI, SCSI and/or Fibre Channel storage devices and provisioning the virtualized disks to the iSCSI-ready application servers. To ensure security, manageability and lower the operating cost, IPStor supports advanced enterprise-class storage services, including active-active failover, mirroring, remote replication, snapshot, serverless backup facilitation and zero-impact backup and restore facilitation.

The company claims IPStor is the first software to aggregate and virtualize diverse storage resources via industry standard interfaces including SCSI, Fibre Channel and iSCSI, and provision storage in the form of SAN and/or NAS over IP. IPStor is scheduled to be available on April 30 via select partners who are certified by the FalconStor Channel Partner Program.

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