Ben Freeman

Ben Freeman

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» Storage Basics: The Tale of the Tape
Data backup is a universal issue that all enterprises face. Backing up to tape is the standard solution, but there is much to choose from among the available standards and options. Ben Freeman looks at the range of tape options available. (6/10/04)

» Storage Basics: Choosing a RAID Controller
Shopping for a RAID controller? In our latest Storage Basics article, we map out this complex maze, outlining some of the differences in SATA vs. SCSI and iSCSI vs. Fibre Channel. (5/7/04)

» Storage Evolution: NAS and SANs Coming Together
Network-attached storage and storage area networks used to carry distinct definitions, but today the lines are blurring, and in many cases NAS can look a lot like a SAN.(1/27/04)

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