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Multi-Service Access Provides Vehicle for SAN Transport

May 10, 2002
Most companies would welcome the opportunity to locate storage resources where space and labor are readily available and affordable. Today's SAN technologies often make these goals difficult--if not impossible--to achieve.

Disk-to-Disk Backup Grabs the Spotlight

April 29, 2002
High capacity IDE based devices allow data to be staged between online storage and offline tape.

Ask Your Recovery Services Vendor These Questions

April 25, 2002
Selecting a recovery services vendor is a complex process. Here are 10 questions you can use as a starting point to make sure you get the right recovery services company for your organization.

Hierarchical Storage Key for Oil and Gas Giant

April 17, 2002
A Conoco executive recalls the hows and whys of putting in a hierarchical storage management system, what makes seismic data unique, and how market conditions in the oil and gas industry drive computing decisions.

Devise a Game Plan for Better Data Protection and Recovery

April 9, 2002
Your organization's growth might require changes in data backup and recovery management techniques. The best management plans handle data coherently across the entire system. The worst approach, and the most costly to the bottom line, provides for trying to manage data on a server-by-server basis.

FalconStor CEO Expounds on Layers of Networked Storage Virtualization

April 1, 2002
One virtualization vendor has shown signs of taking off like the jet it is named after, FalconStor. The company's CEO recently put the mettle to the pedal by answering questions about making virtualization the underpinning for a new storage management architecture - one based on networking, instead of servers.

DAFS Could Turn NAS Devices Into Speed Demons

March 12, 2002
Mention putting NAS storage devices in the data center and you might get a lot of groans. The file-based access method that NAS devices provide isn't as fast as the block-based access provided by storage SAN products. The Direct Access File Systems could change all that.

Uncover Holes in Your Organizations' Storage Infrastructures Part I

February 19, 2002
In this interview, a storage expert explains how assessments can uncover holes in an organizations' storage infrastructures that can affect business continuity and disaster recovery solutions

SANs Create New Methods for Storage Virtualization

February 11, 2002
With all of the attention that SAN virtualization gets, you'd think that the more than 50 companies crowding this space pioneered the SAN movement or, better still, the concept of storage virtualization. They didn't. In fact, to date, a standard API for SAN virtualization doesn't even exist.

Interview: Three Storage Area Network Killer Apps

February 4, 2002
Trade press articles might have you believing that virtualization tops the list of SAN killer apps. Storage author Paul Massiglia puts backup at the top of his list.

The Complex Relationship Between Content Management and Storage

January 10, 2002
Content management systems need robust storage management. These systems rely on complex databases and must store metadata, usage statistics, user data, and the content itself with each type of data having different storage requirements.


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Crash Course on New Standards for IP Network Storage Compatibility

December 19, 2001
The success of IP storage will depend heavily on the vendor community adopting compatible standards into SAN devices and switches. iSCSI, along with the progress made by other standards, should help IP reach broad acceptance among vendors, customers, and systems integrators.

SANs - Here Today, More to Come Tomorrow

November 21, 2001
Surveys show that managers want SANs as a way to improve disaster recovery, availability, and scalability with less emphasis on improved data sharing, performance, protection, and administration. So what does the future hold?

Strategies For Moving Your Data To a New Home

November 14, 2001
Get your scattered corporate data under control by bringing it into a data center environment. No only does this make for better disaster recovery and business continuity, it'll help your data systems scale better.

Think Disk, Not Tape, for Server Backups

November 7, 2001
A new class of enterprise backup solutions may just prompt you to rethink the cost differences between using disk rather than tried and tried true, inexpensive tape for backing up servers.

Experiencing a Data Volcano - Harness It With Storage Domain Manager

October 30, 2001
No one has to tell you about your data requirements growing faster than your capability to manage them. SANs have claimed to be the answer, yet in some respects have added to the complexity. Storage domain managers can step in to ease the management of a SAN by providing a centralized management point for a group, or domain, of storage resources.

Storage Management And Simple Strategic Practices

October 23, 2001
Every enterprise relies on a set of storage management practices. Some common practices might not be the most effective or efficient methods when viewed as a corporate strategy. In contrast, specific strategy practices can help an organization improve, not only the effectiveness of a storage management strategy, but it's efficiency.

Crystal Ball Looks at Future Uses of Storage Virtualization

October 9, 2001
The services that storage virtualization provide in the future will need to take into account the convergence of SANs and storage over IP. This means, first of all, the ability to administer and monitor multiple SANs centrally from a single administrative console. Administration is no longer limited to elements within a SAN, but must also include the ability to monitor elements connecting SANs through the IP networks, such as SAN gateways and routers.

Systems Integrator Helps Healthcare Provider Control Storage Growth on Its Clustered Servers and SAN

September 17, 2001
To provide group-buying services for more than 1,800 hospitals, Premier, Inc., based in San Diego, California, maintains about 300 Windows NT servers, as well as more than 50 Unix servers, across four U.S. sites.


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