Sepaton Does De-Dupe for the Masses


Sepaton is moving its virtual tape (VTL) and de-duplication technology down market (see Sepaton De-Dupes Customers).

Boasting 150 to 300 MB/sec performance or faster and 25 to 1 or greater data compression, Sepaton's products include the S2100-ES2 DeltaStor data de-duplication appliance for large enterprises and S2100-DS2 DeltaStor appliance for small to mid-size data centers.

The enterprise-class S2100-ES2 VTL offers a 50 to 1 de-duplication ratio and up to 17.2 TB/hour backup/restore performance by de-duplicating data outside of the primary data path. Space, power and cooling needs are also reduced by as much as 85 percent. DeltaStor software can scale capacity up to 50 PB in one appliance. 4Gbps Fibre Channel technology enables backup/restores at up to 4800 MB/sec.

The S2100-DS2 aimed at SMBs is available with as much as 7 TB of physical usable storage that can protect up to 200TB of data after de-duplication in a 3u form factor. The appliance can maintain up to 1TB/hour backup/restore performance, and the product offers a 25 to 1 de-duplication ratio, twice that with compression.

Linda Mentzer, Sepaton's vice president of marketing, said Sepaton achieves its performance by adding its own file system and I/O subsystem to the Linux kernel, allowing iSCSI wirespeed performance. A grid architecture also helps, she said.

With the products, Sepaton also claims to offers a 95 percent space savings and 55 percent to 89 percent cost savings over tape and disk.

Sepaton's VTL technology "allows us to realize all the advantages of disk-to-disk backup and recovery over tape systems like faster backup speeds, better performance and higher reliability," states Jeff Machols, Citistreet's vice president of global infrastructure and systems integration manager. "Combined with data de-duplication, we can extend those advantages by only storing uniquely changed data, thereby exponentially improving our data protection and online retention."

Pricing for the S2100-DS2 DeltaStor appliance starts at $18,000 for 3.5TB without de-duplication, and $30,000 with de-duplication. Pricing for the S2100-ES2 Series 500 VTL starts at $59,000. DeltaStor de-duplication for the installed base starts at $1/GB, or $10,000 for 10TB.

In other VTL news, EMC and FalconStor on Monday extended their OEM partnership through 2013.

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