Mylex Ships Low-Profile Raid Controller


IBM subsidiary Mylex, a supplier of RAID controllers, announced the release today of its Ultra 160 SCSI-based AcceleRAID(TM) 170LP to distributors, value-added resellers (VARs) and system integrators.

According to Mylex, the AcceleRAID 170LP is a low-profile RAID controller is designed for high-density, rackmount servers. They say it is ideally suited in places where space is limited, as it fits directly into 2U-high servers. The company also states that the AcceleRAID 170LP also comes with Mylex's Global Array Manager(TM) (GAM) for remote management and configuration, as well as Mylex's RAID EzAssist(TM) to simplify installation. It features an Intel i960RS 100MHz RISC processor, 16MB ECC cache, and connects up to 15 external devices for a capacity of 1.08 terabytes. In Windows NT environments, each server in the network supports up to 32 AcceleRAID 170LP controllers. Mylex Online RAID Expansion allows users to add drives to existing arrays, and re-stripe the data across all the drives.

"We used an HP NetServer LPr(TM) to test the AcceleRAID 170LP," said Jim Fruuen, integration manager for Stepford, Inc, a San Carlos, Calif.-based network integrator and ISP. "We never had a RAID option for this type of server..."

The AcceleRAID 170LP list price starts at $399. Mylex is offering an instant reseller rebate, which they claim can result in savings up to several hundred dollars from VARs until the end of the month. Other discount programs are also available.


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