HP Makes NAS Scale


HP (NYSE: HPQ) has bundled its midrange EVA4400 storage array with its PolyServe file services technology to create a new unified storage offering.

The HP StorageWorks 4400 Scalable NAS File Services also adds management and replication software and Windows or Linux support to "deliver server and storage virtualization in a single package," said Ian Duncan, director of marketing for NAS in HP's StorageWorks Division.

The new offering uses three file-serving controllers, dual array controllers and a "shared data" architecture to boost NAS scalability, availability and performance, "rather than throw more filers at the problem," said Duncan.

"NAS needs to be scalable," he said, adding that HP's new approach helps eliminate "hardware sprawl."

The new offering, part of a broad slate of virtualization announcements from HP today, starts at 4.8 terabytes of storage and expands to 96 terabytes.

HP said the virtualized connection results in "every server in a network having access to all data storage," turning servers and storage into "flexible, dynamic pools of resources that can be applied wherever necessary."

Since applications can access data sets from any server, applications can be easily moved from one server to another, and the consolidated architecture scales applications without disruption, HP said.

Virtualization allows physical storage resources to be aggregated into a single storage pool that can be utilized by all servers on a network, so users can move, provision and add storage capacity to improve storage utilization by as much as 30 percent, said HP.

The HP 4400 Scalable NAS File Services will be available in the fourth quarter, with pricing starting at $94,270 for Windows and $97,630 for Linux.

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