Winchester Systems Delivers Ruggedized RAID For Military

Winchester Systems Delivers Ruggedized RAID For Military

Winchester Systems this week introduced a ruggedized version of its high performance FlashDisk OpenRAID disk array suitable and qualified for use in mobile military applications and other harsh environments requiring ruggedized hardware, including unusual temperatures.

"Winchester Systems designed this product to meet the military's need for Mil-Spec hardware priced in Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) price ranges," said Mike Roberts, the company's vice president for government sales.

The FlashDisk Ruggedized OpenRAID disk array was developed for the US Army under contract and meets a variety of military specifications including environmental compliance specifications, Electro-Magnetic Interference compliance, High Energy Magnetic Pulse Compliance, and Military AC Power Connector.

FlashDisk Ruggedized OpenRAID meets and exceeds all the specifications and is ready for use in any other military or demanding commercial application within the published and lab verified specifications.

The FlashDisk Ruggedized OpenRAID disk array is constructed of solid seam-welded aluminum throughout to provide significant mechanical strength while minimizing total weight. A fully loaded system with 73 GB disk drives weighs only 75 pounds.

FlashDisk Ruggedized OpenRAID models are available in rackmount configurations. A unit with 8 disk drives with 73.4 GB each stores 587.2 GB and is list priced at $49,995 and are available for quantity delivery 30 to 60 days ARO.


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