Eurologic Announces Nex Gen SCSI Network Storage Systems


Eurologic(TM) Systems this week announced the next generation of its SCSI network storage systems, the Ultra320 SCSI-ready ULTRAbloc(TM) network storage system.

The second product line in Eurologic's next-generation FLEXIbloc(TM) family of network storage solutions, Eurologic said ULTRAbloc is designed to minimize the risk of migrating to emerging SCSI technologies. Ultra320 SCSI will be the seventh generation of the SCSI network interface protocol. Features include improved data transfer speeds of up to 320 Megabytes per second (MB/s) and packetized data transfer."Ultra320 SCSI is well suited for high-throughput data storage environments, like video and Internet applications," said Eric Sheppard, Senior Research Analyst with IDC. "By supporting the latest generation of SCSI, Eurologic clearly is demonstrating its commitment to its customers and to its drive to stay at the cutting edge in storage technology."

Ken Claffey, product manager for Eurologic Systems, said, "SCSI is still a dominant interface in the enterprise storage market, and Ultra320 will provide customers with significant benefits above the previous-generation of SCSI. Eurologic's ULTRAbloc will utilize the Ultra320 interface technology to deliver a new level of performance and functionality for our customers. ULTRAbloc provides an optimum solution for high-performance, data-intensive storage environments that demand round-the-clock data availability. At the same time, our ULTRAbloc minimizes the risk of migrating to an Ultra320 storage solution. The modular design of the system's underlying architecture enables customers to quickly, seamlessly, and cost-effectively upgrade to the benefits of Ultra320 SCSI without the costs and time required with a forklift upgrade."

Eurologic said it is accepting orders for its ULTRAbloc Ultra320 SCSI-ready JBOD now. The system is available in rack-mount and deskside configurations. Entry-level JBOD pricing, without disk drives, starts at $3,675.


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