Plasmon Releases Mid-Size 5.25 Inch Magneto-Optical Library


Plasmon, a manufacturer of automated data storage libraries, today announced the release of an additional library to the 5.25 inch Magneto-Optical (MO) G-Series library family.The company said the Mid-Sized 5.25 inch Magneto-Optical Library is designed to address data-intensive archival applications found in environments demanding high reliability 24 hours a day 365 days a year. These applications can be found in industries such as financial, medical imaging, document imaging, government, and insurance. Configurations range from 582GB (64 slots with 2 or 4 drives) to 946 GB (104 slots with 2 or 4 drives).

"The Mid-Size Library solidifies our Magneto-Optical G-Series product line," said Kelly Scharf, Director of Product Management in the U.S. "Based on customer needs, we have added optional features such as a bar code scanner, remote management and Fibre connectivity to keep libraries continuously operating under the most extreme environments. As a result, Plasmon offers a solution to solve current data intensive application needs as well as such applications in the future."

ISV library management is also available for the Mid-Sized Library from vendors such as ADIC, BakBone and OTG. For a complete listing, contact Plasmon.


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