QLogic Introduces iSCSI, InfiniBand and Fibre Channel Products


QLogic Corp. today introduced four SANblade(R)(TM) adapters including single channel and dual channel 2Gb cPCI-Fibre Channel host bus adapters, a single channel PCI-iSCSI host bus adapter and an InfiniBand-Fibre Channel I/O Module. QLogic also introduced new SANbox(TM) switch management software that allows IT administrators to monitor and control heterogeneous (multi-vendor) Fibre Channel fabrics.

"The SANbox and SANblade family of products are designed to support a broad range of application-specific requirements with a single point of sales and service," said Frank Berry, vice president of corporate marketing, QLogic Corp. "The products also provide SAN administrators with common hardware interfaces, device driver interfaces and a single software management suite."

SANblade QLA4000 Series iSCSI adapters are designed to connect PCI-based servers with forthcoming iSCSI storage using existing Ethernet infrastructures. The QLogic SANblade QLA4000 Series PCI-iSCSI HBAs will be featured in the Storage Networking World Interoperability Lab and Demo, which is showing enterprise storage solutions. This regularly featured event is sponsored and organized by member companies of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Interoperability Committee.

The SANblade QIB2342 is an InfiniBand Architecture-to-Fibre Channel input/output (I/O) module, designed to connect forthcoming InfiniBand-capable servers to Fibre Channel storage. Packaged in a standard InfiniBand form factor, the SANblade QIB2342 module features dual independent 2Gb Fibre Channel ports and a 4X InfiniBand backplane connection. The company said it is designed for full compatibility with all InfiniBand Architecture-compliant products including motherboard chipsets, host channel adapters, switches and routers.

QLogic said the QCP2212 dual channel 1Gb SANblade cPCI host bus adapter is the native solution for Sun Microsystems' Sun Fire servers. The new 2Gb cPCI SANblade QCP2330 and QCP2332 provide Sun administrators with backwards compatibility with 1Gb storage systems and connectivity to new 2Gb storage systems. The company also said the new products also allow Sun administrators to tailor their solution for cost by choosing a single channel cPCI adapter or tailor a solution for performance with a cPCI adapter with dual 400Mbyte Fibre Channel ports.

The company said latest version of SANbox switch management software is an intuitive, easy-to-use application that simplifies storage networks and gives IT administrators the ability to monitor and control their heterogeneous (multi-vendor) storage network fabrics with easy point and click navigation.


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