Spectra Logic Announces Gigabit Ethernet Tape Libraries


Spectra Logic, a manufacturer of AIT tape libraries, today announced the immediate availability of its TAOS (Tape Appliance Operating System) library solutions for IP storage environments.

Spectra Logic said the TAOS-enabled Spectra 64000 and 12000 library models are the first native Gigabit Ethernet tape libraries available on the market. The Spectra 2000 model, a workgroup-level library, is shipping with a 100BaseT Ethernet interface option.

According to Spectra Logic, TAOS enables centralized, open-systems storage networking to include IP networks as well as Fibre Channel SANs. So with a TAOS-equipped library, Spectra Logic said IT administrators can consolidate backups over their existing LAN infrastructure without the necessity of deploying dedicated backup server hardware.

TAOS 2.0 is included in the purchase price of library interface modules: the 100BaseT module is priced at $1,000 and the GigE is priced at $9,400.


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