One Million Ultrium Tapes Ship in First Year of Availablity


Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM Corp. and Seagate Removable Storage Solutions LLC, technology provider companies (TPCs) for the Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Program today announced that more than a million Ultrium format tapes have shipped worldwide since September 2000, when products based on the format first became commercially available.

According to the companies, the Ultrium format, with 200 GB of compressed capacity per cartridge, has shipped nearly 180 Petabytes of storage capacity.

"Beginning with our first licensee product shipments in September 2000, we felt strongly that the Ultrium format would be enthusiastically embraced by IT managers and storage administrators, but an adoption rate of over one million shipped cartridges in the first 12 months certainly exceeded our expectations," said Neville Pawsey, general manager of HP Networked Storage Solutions -- Bristol. "This demand indicates to us that end-users are hungry for choice and eager to adopt this technology."

"It's clear to us that end users have embraced the LTO Ultrium format because it is the only tape storage platform on the market that provides users with the flexibility, low cost, and product selection which are all associated with an open format," said Pawsey.


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