Adaptec Introduces New Asic-Based IP Storage Adapters


Adaptec, Inc. today unveiled three ASIC-based IP Storage adapters that incorporate the Company's recently announced Storage Protocol Accelerator (SPA) and Storage Router Accelerator (SRA) IP Storage ASICs.

The new adapters introduced today include:

--ASA-7211 iSCSI Adapter, which the company said is an ASIC-based adapter that fully offloads both TCP/IP and iSCSI protocol processing, allowing iSCSI SAN connectivity;
--ANA-7711 TCP/IP Offload (TOE) Adapter, which Adaptec said is a highly integrated and cost-optimized ASIC-based adapter providing robust IP network connectivity for NAS and appliance server applications;
--ASR-7511 FC-iSCSI/FCIP Adapter, which the company said is the first ASIC-based adapter with full protocol offload, enabling the connection of Fibre Channel SANs over Ethernet. It also allows Fibre Channel devices to be connected to iSCSI SANs.

According to Adaptec,the adapters are now being designed into storage and networking products by several OEMs that are expected to begin shipping as early as the first half of 2002.


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