IBM to Ship Exabyte M2 Tape Drives


Exabyte Corporation today announced that IBM's 7208 Model 345 60/150GB M2 (Mammoth-2) external tape drive is now supported on IBM's eServer iSeries (AS/400) family of servers and systems.

The IBM 7208 Model 345 60/150GB M2 external tape drive is currently available for all eServer (iSeries and AS/400) servers directly from IBM and IBM resellers. Migration for the existing IBM 9406 Models 170, 270, 720, and 730 AS/400 Customers who currently use Mammoth-1 technology is, according to the companies, particularly easy due to M2's ability to read tapes generated by the earlier Mammoth technology installed internally on iSeries and AS/400, and Mammoth-1 IBM 7208 Model 342 external tape drive. In addition, the drive's SCSI Ultra 2 Low Voltage Differential (LVD) interface facilitates easy attachment to either LVD or single-ended SCSI host interfaces, the standard in peripheral connection. Additional features include SmartClean AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) data cartridges that enable the M2 drive to automatically clean itself, improving data integrity and eliminating the additional costs of cleaning cartridges.


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