STORServer Releases Two Storage and Backup Devices


STORServer has released two new storage and backup appliances, the STORServer K1000A and Q1000A, that can either be used on their own or integrated into an existing storage network. The STORServer 1000 series can manage up to 200 gigabytes of data, with the ability to scale to tens-of-terabytes of storage capacity.

STORServer officials say that either device can be installed on an existing network in under 15 minutes. Both devices are targeted towards current users of drive backup or SAN backup systems that require extensive configuration and management.

The STORServer K1000A and Q1000A feature Windows-based STORServer Manager, an operations interface for scheduling and data backup management.  STORServer Manager also works as an add-on to Tivoli's Tivoli Storage Manager.

Available immediately, the STORServer K1000A combines an integrated IBM server with 70GB to 200GB of backup capacity via two AIT-1 drives, while the Q1000A provides the same capabilities via an integrated Compaq server.


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