Compaq Delivers 2GB Fibre Channel Storage System


Compaq Computer Corporation this week announced the delivery of the StorageWorks Modular SAN Array 1000, which the company claims is the first 2GB Fibre Channel storage system designed to bridge the gap between direct attached storage (DAS) and the SAN.

"Compaq StorageWorks again leads the way with cost-effective, modular storage solutions that are designed to provide the best business value for our customers," said Mark Lewis, vice president and general manager of Compaq Enterprise Storage Group (ESG). "More and more customers want to implement SANs, but many still have not moved forward due to concerns about complexity, total cost of ownership (TCO) and investment protection. The MSA1000 combines simplicity of SAN implementation with a low TCO from the market's SAN leader to deliver another proof point of Compaq's commitment to protecting the customer's investment."

The MSA1000 is available and shipping to customers at this time.


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