LSI Logic Storage Introduces 36 Gigabyte Disk Drive


LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc. this week announced the general availability of the a 36 gigabyte, 15000 RPM disk drive for its MetaStor E-Series family of storage systems.

According to LSI Logic, the new 36 gigabyte disk drives enable up to 40 percent more input/output operations per second (IOPs) than comparable 10000 RPM drives of the same capacity, depending on application and configuration.

"Lower cost of ownership is achieved through sharing of storage systems," said Flavio Santoni, vice president of sales and marketing at LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc., "but different applications require different kinds of performance and disk drives. No customer should have to buy a new storage enclosure every time they need a different kind of disk drive, which is why we build maximum configuration flexibility into every MetaStor storage system."

LSI Logic said the MetaStor family of storage systems from 36 gigabytes to 160 terabytes of online data storage, and now features two gigabit Fibre Channel connectivity.


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