Alanco Acquires Microtest's FileZerver NAS Business


Alanco Technologies Inc. this wee announced its acquisition of the assets of Phoenix-based Microtest Inc.'s FileZerver(TM) network attached storage (NAS) business.

Robert R. Kauffman, Alanco chairman & chief executive officer, stated, "The FileZerver technology and business significantly enhances our proprietary intellectual property and represents a perfect strategic fit for Alanco, complementing our current SAN and NAS market activities, as well as Arraid's Linux-based single board computer (SBR) technology. The market opportunity is huge...We have established a new Alanco company, NetZerver Inc., staffed with key FileZerver marketing and technical personnel and will aggressively pursue further FileZerver market penetration focusing upon the existing worldwide customer base. Continued software development to upgrade FileZerver performance will also receive high priority with a soon-to-be scheduled release of Version 4.0."

Alanco said FileZerver is a Linux-based operating system for mid-range, work group/departmental hard disc drive (HDD) network attached storage (NAS) appliances. Microtest introduced Version 1.0 of FileZerver in March 2000, following a multi-million dollar development program, with the current, upgraded Version 3.0 introduced in May 2001. It offers sophisticated enterprise scale features unavailable in most NAS mid-range appliances, such as hot swap, hot spare, RAID 0, 1 and 5 and dynamic RAID expansion. In recent multi-platform network performance testing FileZerver far outperformed competitive NAS solutions, demonstrating as much as 336 percent higher throughput and performance.


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