Dot Hill and Sistina Software Team Up


Dot Hill Systems Corp., a supplier of carrier-class data storage and storage area network (SAN) solutions, and Sistina Software, a storage software that company, yesterday announced a partnership at LinuxWorld Expo.

Dot Hill and Sistina said they have worked together in the development of Device Memory Export Protocol (DMEP), which works in conjunction with Sistina's GFS (Global File System) to allow multiple servers on a storage area network (SAN) to access a single file system on the shared SAN devices in a manner that preserves data integrity. Dot Hill has embedded the DMEP technology into its SANnet controller firmware. The objective of the partnership is to ensure that the performance of GFS supports a more redundant and fault tolerant storage system.

In addition, engineers at Dot Hill and Sistina Software have co-authored a proposed amendment to the SCSI (small computer systems interface) standard to support DMEP. The amendment was presented to the T10 SCSI committee and is under review.


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