Crossroads Systems Wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit


Crossroads Systems, Inc. , a provider of connectivity for storage networking solutions, today announced that a jury found Chaparral Network Storage, Inc.'s RAID and router products using LUN zoning infringed the Crossroads 5,941,972 ("972") patent.

The jury has awarded damages with a royalty amount of 5% for Chaparral's router product line and 3% for their RAID product line. Crossroads will be pursuing an injunction based on the jury's finding of infringement. The federal judge in this matter will consider assessing punitive damages.

"Crossroads pursued this litigation on principle, in order to ensure a vigorous and uncompromising defense of its patents", said Brian R. Smith, chairman and CEO, Crossroads Systems. "We are pleased a jury has found in favor of Crossroads and validated our patent with their decision. We will continue to protect innovations that have made our company the industry leader."


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