DataDirect Networks Announces Board of Directors


DataDirect Networks, a provider storage networking appliances, today announced the formation of its Board of Directors. The board is comprised of executives from ClearLight Partners, LLC and founding executives from DataDirect Networks that have been with the firm since its inception in 1988.

The Board of Directors of DataDirect Networks is comprised of the following four members:
-- Michael S. Kaye, Managing Partner, ClearLight Partners, LLC
-- Robert Healy, Partner, ClearLight Partners, LLC
-- Alex Bouzari, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, DataDirect Networks, Inc.
-- Paul Bloch, Executive Vice President, Co-Founder, DataDirect Networks, Inc.

According to the company, ClearLight Partners is a $300 million private equity and venture capital fund that was a lead investor in a funding round that netted DataDirect $9.9 million for sales and marketing expansion. Other investors in the round were European-based venture capital firm PART'COM and U.S.-based Digital Coast Ventures.

"With the addition of Michael Kaye and Rob Healy, our board now has the strong operational experience to scale and grow DataDirect from the vertical markets we are successful in today into broader commercial markets," Alex Bouzari, chief executive officer, DataDirect Networks, said. "The Board's leadership will help the Company evolve the product and support mechanisms that has served DataDirect customers throughout our 13 years to serve the increasing requirements of businesses worldwide."


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