MFN to Manage Internet Infrastructure for Veritas Data Center


Veritas Software Corp. to provide Internet infrastructure managed services within Veritas data center environment.

MFNs relationship with Veritas began earlier this year with the acquisition of SiteSmith. SiteSmith had been a managed service provider for Veritas at its third party co-location facility. Shortly after the acquisition, Veritas made the decision to move its data center operations in-house and extended its business relationship with MFN. Under the new agreement, MFN will assist Veritas in the deployment of its re-architected e-business environment in its new data center. MFN will also provide ongoing managed services for the company's external Web site through its Site Operations Platform (SOP).

"MFN delivers infrastructure managed services regardless of location," said Greg Valdez, vice president and chief information officer of Veritas Software. "With MFN's assistance, we are confident that our external Web site is high performing, secure and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, freeing up our internal technical staff to focus on new projects. They work excellently as a member of the team."

"MFN is pleased that our relationship with VERITAS continues to grow," said Mark Spagnolo, president and chief operating officer of MFN. "This agreement demonstrates MFN's commitment and ability to offer our superior managed services solution within customer-owned data centers, third-party facilities and MFN's state-of-the-art data centers."


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