VERITAS Updates NetBackup Professional


Veritas today announced version 3.5VERITAS of its NetBackup Professional(TM).

The company said the new version offers expanded backup and recovery capabilities for corporate desktops and laptops, allowing IT administrators to easily implement enterprise-class data protection for thousands of desktop or laptop client computers from a single server. Additionally, administrators can now configure VERITAS NetBackup Professional 3.5 to migrate infrequently used backup data stored on disk to off-line tape storage.

"IT departments were once concerned only with backing up data from company servers," said Neal Ater, senior vice president of data protection products, VERITAS Software. "Businesses are now realizing that they are equally vulnerable to data loss from laptops and desktops. It is essential that companies implement a scalable 'desktop-to-data center' protection and recovery solution to minimize such risk."

VERITAS NetBackup Professional 3.5 is slated to be available later this month. Pricing is based on individual desktops and laptops (clients) and starts at $69 per client.


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