NSI Software Launches 'Data Replication for the Real World' Initiative


NSI Software today launched its "Data Replication for the Real World" initiative. to eliminate the long-standing barriers-to-entry for businesses seeking disaster recovery and high-availability solutions. The initiative will enable the highest level of accessibility, affordability and usability to data protection solutions through NSI Software's replication products, OEM and reseller partnerships and data protection services from its professional services organization.

Deliverables in phase one include the introduction of Double-Take for Windows Workgroup Edition, which is targeted exclusively for OEMs looking to add replication to low-end Windows Powered NAS devices. NSI is also introducing the latest versions of its Double-Take and GeoGluster replication products with new features that improve ease of use and manageability. Cultivated out of its rapidly growing professional services business, NSI has also added three new services to its portfolio: Capacity Planning for Double-Take, Kick Start for Double-Take and Health Check for Double-Take.

"In light of the events towards the end of 2001, business continuity moved to the top of the priority list for all businesses," says Steve Kenniston, senior analyst at The Enterprise Storage Group. "The challenges came when trying to decide what to implement and how to implement it. Replication is a key component to any business continuity strategy, however, getting over the costs and complexity of implementation has always been a hurdle. Ease of use and cost effectiveness make NSI Software's initiative on target in answering the needs of customers looking to deploy successful business continuity practices."

While price has traditionally prohibited the middle to low-end market from deploying high-availability solutions, it has also, precluded large enterprises from extending high-availability protection to all mission-critical applications, including large databases and e-mail. NSI Software's asynchronous replication technology eradicates these issues by delivering extensive functionality that is typically offered in high-end products, at a much lower entry price point.

An April 2002 Gartner, Inc. report estimates "the storage infrastructure market will grow to represent 54 percent of the overall market by 2006, driven primarily by data replication products to support increasingly high data availability requirements, which include better disaster recovery." (See Gartner, Storage Software Growth Back on Track Through 2006, by Carolyn DiCenzo, April 2002) NSI Software exemplifies this prediction with its impressive growth rates. NSI's quarterly revenue growth was 54 percent from Q3 2001 to Q4 2001 and 73 percent from Q1 2001 to Q1 2002. Continuing on this path in an effort to ensure complete accessibility and affordability, NSI Software will announce a series of new services and partnerships over the coming months.

"We understand the critical roles application and information availability play on a business's bottom line, especially for mid-market companies where maintaining solid relationships translates directly into revenue and market share," said Bob Guilbert, vice president of marketing and business development for NSI Software. "We are making 24x7 operations affordable and accessible for businesses of all sizes, businesses that are usually deterred from this type of technology because of the price constraints traditionally linked to disaster recovery and high-availability solutions."


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