IBM Plans Major Upgrades to Tivoli Storage Software

IBM will be announcing major upgrades to its Tivoli storage management suite at next week's developerWorks conference in New Orleans.

The additional autonomic, self-managing functionality will reduce maintenance and training costs and will allow customers to manage 10 times the amount of storage with just one storage administrator, claims Paul Ellis of the Tivoli Storage Market Management Group.

"I personally think that Tivoli has one of the strongest Enterprise Storage Management strategies of any of the vendors in the market," says Nancy Marrone, senior analyst at Enterprise Storage Group. "They are leveraging the entire Tivoli solution set and are integrating their storage management solutions with their enterprise management solutions, providing a very comprehensive overall solution.

"There are only a handful of vendors that will be able to target the entire enterprise with cohesive management solutions. IBM, HP, and CA are the top three, and I believe IBM Tivoli's strategy is one the most impressive I've seen to date."

The additional intelligent technology has been added to Tivoli's existing line of storage management products, which includes SAN management, storage resource management, and data protection software.

IBM Tivoli is enabling three current products -- IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, and IBM Tivoli Storage Area Network Manager -- with the enhanced self-managing capabilities.

IBM Tivoli Storage Area Network Manager v1.2 monitors and manages heterogeneous enterprise storage network environments. According to IBM, it offers new enterprise-level scalability and reduces SAN management complexities through its standards-based device discovery, topology rendering, monitoring, and management of SAN components. It also serves as a single focal point for monitoring the health of the storage area network.

IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager v1.2 includes new capacity provisioning technology for ensuring application availability by automatically provisioning storage as necessary to prevent file systems from running out of space. This autonomic approach reduces administrative workload, allowing IT staff to focus on higher level tasks, contends IBM.

IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager v1.2 now includes an automated file system extension with provisioning to ensure file system space availability; ESS subsystem reporting that enables management of intelligent disk subsystems within the context of the enterprise storage environment; and integration into systems management to enable the use of a single enterprise-wide console.

Ellis claims there is "no dominant player" in the storage resource management space, "and we have some of the best technology out there. We think we have the potential to really dominate that space." The technology itself comes from last year's acquisition of TrelliSoft.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 5.2, IBM Tivoli's flagship data protection storage management software, provides a single solution for managing storage and protecting data across the network. It offers a high level of data protection while moving less data, and requires fewer tapes and less bandwidth to simplify storage administration through automated policy-based management.

The new Storage Manager functionality includes bare metal restore for Microsoft Windows XP and .NET, extended application and platform support, increased efficiency of SAN management through automatic configuration, LAN-free enhancements (including performance, tape mount retention, and configuration), and improved hierarchical storage management usability.

"IBM Tivoli software was among the first in the industry to take a systems management-focused view of the storage network in an effort to help customers optimize their storage to meet their overall business needs," maintains Laura Sanders, vice president for IBM Tivoli storage software. "We are fulfilling our vision to autonomically manage storage capacity, backup, and disaster recovery to enable IT to reallocate resources to other mission-critical business needs."

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