Connected Snags Archive-it


Connected Corp. is ratcheting up its data protection offerings with the acquisition of Archive-it, a UK-based email archiving firm.

Connected additionally announced plans to add Windows server backup capabilities and other enhancements to its Connected DataProtector PC backup and recovery solution, and also said it will provide integrated archiving capabilities for multiple types and sources of distributed data.

The moves make the data protection firm a player in the growing information lifecycle management (ILM) space, which involves managing and storing data from "cradle to grave."

"Connected has a great installed base that continues to grow," says Steve Kenniston, technology analyst at Enterprise Storage Group. "They are also looking at moving up the food chain and protecting more of an organization's data. As this happens, they become more and more of a trusted advisor to the end client when it comes to data protection. Customers will be looking to them to provide more solutions that align with their business needs, and Archive-it helps them add another component to their portfolio of offerings they can help take the burden off IT with."

Connected reports the acquisition will provide a solution for companies facing email storage and compliance issues, as more and more regulatory agencies require email archiving and backup.

The data protection firm says Archive-it's email archiving solution, MailStore v2.1, "was designed to meet the rigors of legal discovery and regulatory compliance. Unlike competing products, which have added-on email archiving features, the ability to provide secure, auditable, message archiving has been the driving force behind MailStore's technical leadership."

When combined with Connected's data reduction technology, MailStore will be able to do all that more efficiently, according to Connected.

Connected CEO Bob Brennan says that with the acquisition, "Connected extends its ability to automatically and affordably protect, archive, and recover distributed data — basically, any corporate data that's currently stored on PCs, Windows servers in remote offices, and in email."

Peter Gerr, research analyst at Enterprise Storage Group, calls the acquisition a "good move" by Connected.

"Distributed data is one of the often overlooked components of a complete ILM strategy, and email archiving for regulatory or compliance-related activities couldn't be more relevant today," Gerr says. "With this acquisition, Connected improves its ability to protect more of an organization's most valuable information assets."

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