BakBone Software Unveils MagnaVault 2.2.6


BakBone Software(TM) today announced the immediate availability of MagnaVault 2.2.6, the latest version of its software for UNIX-based optical storage management. BakBone says MagnaVault now offers enhancements designed to improve companies' abilities to rapidly archive and access documents and other images on optical disks, including CDs, DVDs and magneto-optical (MO) media.

"MagnaVault's increased power means increased throughput on our optical libraries," said Bob Riland, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at DISC, Inc. (NASDAQ: DCSR), which offers the largest product line of near-line storage devices available on the market today. "Our customers depend on our hardware, such as our Orion series, to save and access information in high-performance archival storage environments. MagnaVault is the software that meets Orion's stringent requirements, delivering a higher level of performance."

Enhancements that BakBone says are featured in MagnaVault 2.2.6 include

-- A 500% improvement in UDF write performance from earlier versions, providing higher productivity and application compatibility, enhancing MagnaVault's reputation as the clear leader in throughput and performance among optical storage software; 

-- Enhanced support for 9.1GB MO disks, rapidly emerging as the industry standard medium of choice for high-end optical storage; 

-- Support for 9.4GB DVD disks; 

-- Enhanced device support for DVD and MO libraries, with features such as media pack management and bar code support; and 

-- Enhanced Web-based administration, simplifying the management process. 

Pricing for BakBone's MagnaVault 2.2.6 begins at US$495. The software is available through MagnaVault's network of value-added distributors (VADs).


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